Month: February 2010

Knights and Templars in a special Exhibition in Turin

Since November 28th 2009, an interesting exhibition dedicated to the legendary knights templar, soldiers and crusaders is under way at the complex of Venaria Reale in Turin.

The exhibition, entitled “Knights. From the Templars to Napoleon” will take place until April 11th 2010, so visitors will have still a few months to retrace the history of such valorous and brave knights who have been portrayed and shown in about 120 works on display: statues, paintings, dresses, wonderful armours, precious jewels and rare manuscripts. A real treasure to marvel at, in all its splendour and majesty.

In fact, the exhibition, organized by the Consorzio di Valorizzazione Culturale La Venaria Reale and hosted by the Reggia, is aimed to tell the several stories of the different knightly orders belonging to different ages, from Middle Ages to Renaissance, who fought in the name of Christ

ArteGenova : The 6th Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art

ArteGenova” comes back in the city of Genoa, in Liguria, and spreads its own creativity. An event entirely dedicated to all modern and contemporary art-addicted and simple curious people. This is the 6th edition of such exhibition and will take place from Friday 26th February til Monday March 1st 2010, at the Fair building in the city of Genoa placed in Piazzale Kennedy.

The 6th Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art will host over 90 galleries with works which

Last Days for Viareggio Carnival 2010

February, the month of carnivals, arrived finally in the city of Viareggio! From the last day of January, with appointments on February 7th, 14th, 16th 2010, the streets of the city become a colorful parade of real works of art, all inspired by the actualities from all over the world. And now, you have still the last day to visit Viareggio: on February 21st!
Spectacular in their greatness and decoration, the coaches of papier mâchè ride for over 3 km streets and seafront, surrounded by cheerful visitors of all ages. This is the

“Sensation”: Venice Carnival 2010

6 senses for 6 districtsVenice Carnival 2010 this year have begun its edition on February 6thn and will end tomorrow February 16th, 2010. Like every year, there’s a long list of sensational happenings organized all over Venice. Some of them are to discover, some are already announced, others are to be created by yourself, simply putting on a mask and letting yourself be overwhelmed by carnival spell.

This fascinating city revives every year the ancient tradition from the time of Serenissima. It is believed that the year of 1296 is the one when the famous Carnival became an official festivity. At the beginning, the Carnival lasted much longer, about 6 weeks, or even a couple of months. Venetians bore masks in many occasions and, hiding their identity, they felt free to do all sorts of things, which presented Venice as a city of unrestrained pleasure and party. And they had that much of a fun that Serenissima had to

Steve McCurry 1980 – 2009. South East

This great personal exhibition of the known photojournalist Steve McCurry, organized by the Municipality of Milan and the Royal Palace, covers the period of thirty years of direct experience of the photographer with simple people in complicated life’s circumstances.

The exhibition, called SOUTH-EAST, shows us over 200 moments captured by the lens of the photographer during his trips in South and East, mostly Afghanistan, India, Tibet and Burma.

His well known portrait of an Afghan girl in a refugee camp in Pakistan arrived all over the world and remained one of the most known and most beautiful in the field of photography. It was very emotional the moment when McCurry found again the girl, 17 years later, now as a mature woman, and made her new portrait which captured all the experience and suffering of the years that had passed and let their mark on her face.
Like these, there’s a lot of other photos at the exhibition that tell us about joy and torments in life. Great patience of the photographer rewarded him with the possibility to capture a glimpse at people’s soul, mistrustful at the beginning.

The extraordinary adventure and carrier of Steve McCurry started when