“Sensation”: Venice Carnival 2010

6 senses for 6 districtsVenice Carnival 2010 this year have begun its edition on February 6thn and will end tomorrow February 16th, 2010. Like every year, there’s a long list of sensational happenings organized all over Venice. Some of them are to discover, some are already announced, others are to be created by yourself, simply putting on a mask and letting yourself be overwhelmed by carnival spell.

This fascinating city revives every year the ancient tradition from the time of Serenissima. It is believed that the year of 1296 is the one when the famous Carnival became an official festivity. At the beginning, the Carnival lasted much longer, about 6 weeks, or even a couple of months. Venetians bore masks in many occasions and, hiding their identity, they felt free to do all sorts of things, which presented Venice as a city of unrestrained pleasure and party. And they had that much of a fun that Serenissima had to put some new laws and rules regarding masks, in order to put a limit on a moral decay of Venetians.

In the XVIII century, Venice became known to all Europe as a city of Carnival, famous for its balls, spectacles, masks and theaters. The most important days of the Carnival, since the ages of Serenissima until our days, are the last Thursday before Lent and Shrove Tuesday.

The Carnival had a long pause when Serenissima fell under the power of Austria, but the will to revive this interesting and emotional tradition made its move, and the festivity returned to be repeated on a regular bases. The streets of the city become full of masked people in a mixture of happiness, colors and music.

For the detailed program of the Carnival 2010 please visit the official website www.carnevale.venezia.it.

For all the useful information about the city of Venice, please visit our website www.aboutvenice.org

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