Last Days for Viareggio Carnival 2010

February, the month of carnivals, arrived finally in the city of Viareggio! From the last day of January, with appointments on February 7th, 14th, 16th 2010, the streets of the city become a colorful parade of real works of art, all inspired by the actualities from all over the world. And now, you have still the last day to visit Viareggio: on February 21st!
Spectacular in their greatness and decoration, the coaches of papier mâchè ride for over 3 km streets and seafront, surrounded by cheerful visitors of all ages. This is the successful 137th edition that every year hosts over 800,000 visitors from all over Italy.
Viareggio Carnival is a traditional Italian event based on a great patrimony and tradition of skillful and creative artists from Viareggio. With their recognizable style this carnival became a real touristic target. Beside the traditional parade, the Carnival fills the streets and squares of the city’s 9 districts with live music, spectacles and inviting open kitchens that offer you a possibility to taste delicious typical dishes of this region.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good excuse to have some fun!

For further information about Viareggio Carnival, please visit the official website

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