Knights and Templars in a special Exhibition in Turin

Since November 28th 2009, an interesting exhibition dedicated to the legendary knights templar, soldiers and crusaders is under way at the complex of Venaria Reale in Turin.

The exhibition, entitled “Knights. From the Templars to Napoleon” will take place until April 11th 2010, so visitors will have still a few months to retrace the history of such valorous and brave knights who have been portrayed and shown in about 120 works on display: statues, paintings, dresses, wonderful armours, precious jewels and rare manuscripts. A real treasure to marvel at, in all its splendour and majesty.

In fact, the exhibition, organized by the Consorzio di Valorizzazione Culturale La Venaria Reale and hosted by the Reggia, is aimed to tell the several stories of the different knightly orders belonging to different ages, from Middle Ages to Renaissance, who fought in the name of Christ and struggled for their fatherland and moral values. Stories wrapped in a past full of battles, intrigues and dangerous happenings with brave men belonging to a far and different age.

This wonderful exhibition is framed by a special background, the Venaria Reale, a unique environmental and architectural continuum of extraordinary charm, a boundless, varied, spectacular estate where visitors will inevitably be enveloped by magical atmospheres in a context of cultural attractions and multiple leisure pursuits.

Thanks to such a stunning exhibition, you will have the chance to live again in centuries of European history, among paintings, statues, sumptuous dresses and precious jewels, and among known and unknown mysterious faces.

Among the many works on display, we remind you masterpieces such as the Equestrian Portrait of Giovanni Carlo Doria, a Knight of Santiago by Rubens, the Portrait of a Knight of Malta by Titian, the Portrait of a Knight of St. Maurice by Carracci, the Portrait of a Knight by Fra’ Galgario, the Portrait of St. John the Baptist by Mattia Preti.

Many other masterpieces await you in the city of Turin until April 11th 2010. You still have a few months!

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Rooms of the Arts, Upper Floors of the Reggia di Venaria (Turin)

From November 28, 2009 to April 11, 2010

Opening Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: h 9 – 18.30
Saturday: h 9 – 21.30
Sunday: h 9 – 20
Monday: Closed (except Holidays and Monday December 7, 2009, same opening times as Sunday)
Last admittance: 1 hour before closing time

Full price : € 8.00
Discounted: € 6.00 (over 65, under 18)
Groups: € 6.00 (max 25 / min. 12 people per group)
Schools: € 4.00 (15 students minimum accompanied by 1 teacher)
Free of charge: children under 12 years (accompanied by an adult)

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