Ice on Turin: ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2010

Once again, Turin will be the protagonist of winter sports, this time by hosting the 100th ISU World Figure Skating Championships.

Such a fabulous event, organized by FISG (Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio) and Torino Olympic Park will take place from March 22nd to 28th 2010 at Palavela in Turin, which wil host fantastic performances by over 200 athletes from all over the world! Emotions that will make you shiver…

On this occasion, an audience of more than 30,000 people is expected to attend, a show documented by the world radios and Tvs through the presence of over 350 international journalists.

In fact, the event will be shot by RAI in Italy, and will be broadcasted in all the continents by the main international tv networks, such as EBU, CBC, CCTV, FUJI TV, SBS.

A great appointment which will be followed by a TV audience of about over 300 millions people. A mix of creativity, aaaastrength and dynamism is what makes Turin soul and the athletes’ performances who will compete representing 53 different countries, among which we will find the champions from Vancouver.

Among the others, on our TV screens we will have the chance to marvel once again at the elegance and perseverance of such professionals as the gold medal winner Yu Na Kim (Korea), the silver winner Mao Asada (Japan), and the bronze Joannie Rochette (Canada).

From 22nd to 28th March 2010, there’s an event you can’t miss at all in Turin. Sport, competition and joy…a priceless mix!!

In order to have more information about this and other events in Turin, please visit our on-line tourist guide about Turin:

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