Undiscovered Islands in Genoa

No, we’re not talking about a geographical discovery, but an original exhibition held in Genoa!

In fact, from March 2010, the Royal Palace in Genoa will host an exhibition called “Isole mai trovate – Undiscovered islands”, an international project.

This is the first stop of an itinerary which will bring the artworks to France, Spain and Greece, a project by Lóránd Hegyi, Director-general of Musée d’Art Moderne of St.Etienne, the museum hosting the third most important collection of Modern Art in France.

The masterpieces have been created by over 40 renowned international artists who, on this occasion, represented their own “undiscovered island”, a metaphor for suggesting a part of life or an inner inquiry.

And such “islands” are the emblem of the individual, subjective, deepest and most hidden part of our own inner life, where people try to communicate their language and make it understandable to others. In other words, one’s world view.

All artists represent their own island by interpreting their emotions and feelings through symbolisms, and showing them to the public with the help of materials. Such feelings and emotions will make them sail towards their own destination, their island, in search of their inner self.

Among the others, we remind you some important artists you fill find at the exhibition: Alice Aycock, Carlos Garaicoa, Frauke Bogasch, Gilbert & George, Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Cragg, Jannis Kounellis, Jan Fabre, Ilya Kabakov, Gloria Friedmann and Anne et Patrick Poirier.

Tony Cragg, winner of several awards, created assemblages and biomorphic sculptures by using recycled materials to which he gives a new shape and life.

Jan Fabre is a Fleming all-accomplished artist: choreographer, director, writer; for years, he has been representing one of the most important and eccentric personages in the European artistic background, and by using provocation, he creates works and installations with dead insects and natural subjects. In addition, one of his main themes is a shameless exploration of human body.

These and other real geniuses of contemporary art wait for you at Royal Palace in Genoa until June 2010.

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