The “Burst of The Cart” comes back in Florence

The magic and explosive Brindellone comes back in Florence!

As it uses to be, also this year Florence will celebrate Easter Day with the spectacular Burst of the Cart. The event will take place in Piazza Duomo on Sunday April 4th 2010 at 11.00 am.

We’re talking about a very ancient Florentine ceremony which has its origins in the age of the first crusade which took place in order to rescue the Holy Sepulchre from unfaithful people. A big cart, called “Brindellone” and decorated with ornaments, is carried by white oxen along the streets of the city, from Porta al Prato to piazza Duomo.

The cart is linked to the Dome Main Altar by a steel thread, and during the daily midday mass, the Cardinal Archbishop lights a rocket in the shape of a dove, Easter peace’ symbol, which will come down through the thread ‘til the “Brindellone”, which full of fireworks will burst with lights and colors. How wonderful!

Legend says that if the little dove didn’t reach its destination, it symbolized a bad harvest that year: nowadays, if it happens people think that it could be a good or a bad omen for the city of Florence. So, why not to watch such an event at least once in your life? A wonderful celebration for everyone, both adults and children, to live a moment of joy together with Florence citizens!

And it could be a perfect occasion for visiting Florence! We wait for you on Sunday 4th April 2010 in Piazza Duomo in Florence!

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