Month: April 2010

Siena is “La Città del Sì”, until May 31st 2010

Since September 2009, Siena has been celebrating one of the most important recurrences in the city history: the 700th anniversary of its “Costituto”, the first constitutional document written in vulgar language and not in Latin, in other words, the first symbol of democracy for the city of Siena. Finally, also common people could understand it.

It is for this reason that the city of Siena celebrates this recurrence with an event including several fields that aim to involve all the city with many initiatives: children, adults and elderly people.

Such an event will go on until May 31st 2010…so if you are in the neighborhood of Siena or you have never visited the city, this could be a perfect chance!

In fact, the programme of the “La Città del Sì” – a periphrasis of a famous sentence by Dante Alighieri – includes many reviews, exhibitions, shows and conventions.

Every weekend – from Friday to Sunday – visitors will find many appointments and events for tourists and Siena citizens, who will proudly show to be the heirs of the prosperous Republic of the Middle Ages. Good old times!

Until May 31st 2010, visitors will find also an interesting exhibition at Santa Maria della Scala Museum entitled Libri e fotografie del fondo Giuliano Briganti e dell’Istituto d’arte, a beautiful itinerary into Siena’s art between 13th and 14th centuries (opening hours from Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 5 pm).

In addition, on next Saturday May 1st 2010, from 10 am to 1 pm,

1st May Concert in Rome

The great appointment with music comes back in Rome!

As usual, this year the 1st May Concert will be full of surprises and great guests, renowned Italian singers and first-class musicians.

The 1st May concert is an event planned by labor unions like CGIL, CISL and UIL, and once again Piazza San Giovanni in Rome is going to host this magic concert that seems to open the doors to summer: music, notes, young people and laughs under the sky of Rome. A not-to-miss event!

This year, the event is really dedicated to surprises, in fact for the first time a woman will present the concert: Sabrina Impacciatore, a famous Italian actress, the only one who will present the 21st edition of the most beloved concert in Italy.

The elegant Italian singer Carmen Consoli will surely be on the stage of the 1st May Concert with the renowned Italian musician Vinicio Capossella.

In addition, there will be great guests such as Simone Cristicchi, Nina Zilli,

On April 25th 2010, Venice celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark

Since always, on April 25th Venice celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark, the patron of the city.

In fact, also this year venetians and people from every corner of Italy and the world will gather in the stately and famous St. Mark’s Basilica at 10.30 am in order to celebrate, as tradition says, the procession led by the patriarch of Venice, the cardinal Angelo Scola, the representatives of ecclesiastic orders and the most important city authorities.

St. Mark the Evangelist, worshipped as a Saint by all the religious orders that allow the cult of the Saints, has become for his history the political-religious emblem of the Serenissima Republic of Venice since 1797.

In the past, the feast took place in St. Mark’s Square with a famous procession which many ecclesiastic, civil authorities and important personages of the arts took part in.

As time passed, his cult never ended and many monuments, squares and places of cult were built in order to pay homage to him, such as Venice Basilica, where the body of Saint Mark is preserved and safeguarded still nowadays.

A curious Venetian tradition says that, on this day, Venetians have to give as a gift to the woman they love a bocolo, that is a rose bud.

In addition, we remind you that on April 25th 2010, at 5.30 pm, the religious

The 5th Editon of Video Festival in the City of Imperia, Liguria

The 5th edition of the Video Festival in the City of Imperia this year will be held from April 20th to 24th 2010, in the city of Imperia (Region of Liguria).

Such a festival was born in 2006 from an idea of the current Artistic Director in order to create an innovative event which could give the city and its province a new image and could involve authors of amateur videos from the near cities and seaside resorts of the Western Liguria Riviera.

But such a renowned festival, since its first edition, had a national connotation, because many authors coming from all over Italy took part in the competition, and different competitive sections were created.

Nowadays, the Festival counts 685 works entered from 51 different countries.

The XII Italian ‘Week of Culture’ is upon us!

Italy, world renound for its incredible history and dedication to the arts, is opening the doors of its countless and historically important state operated sites including museums of art and history, monuments, archaeological areas, archives and libraries … for FREE!

For the next ten days (April 16-25th) Italians and foreigners alike will enjoy this unique opportunity to experience the beauty and culture that exists within the walls of its most prestigious and visited locations without having to pay a dime.

Each city has its gems, and here’s a breif description of a few: Click on the citiy names for a more in depth description of the museums, monuments and more!

Florence: City of Renaissance art. He’re you’ll find the incredible Uffizi Gallery with its incredible collection of famous art from the middle ages all the way through the 18th century (featuring two of Botticelli`s greatest works), the Galleria dell’Academia – with Michelangelo’s famous statue of  ‘David’ …

Venice: The city of Venice is basically a museum its self, but