Rome steeped in Art, between Contemporanea 4th Edition and MAXXI

Have you already seen the 4th edition of Contemporanea? Well my friends, you still have a month to go to the eternal city and marvel at great ideas and real masterpieces.

In fact, since last September, the original festival called “Contemporanea – art, visual, music, performance” is ongoing at Auditorum Parco della Musica in Rome; created by Oscar Pizzo and become extremely renowned, it will be open until May 12th 2010.

A tangle of different cultures, social issues and problems, different points of view: at its 4th edition, Contemporanea, includes places like Venice, Germany, Japan, Estonia, North America, Tropical Africa, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, and turns into a space where past and present compare and challenge each other by facing topics like the tale, myth, religion, magic, nature, metropolis, technology, abysses, cosmic space, future, infinite. Is it enough?

Concerts, workshops, exhibitions, performances, meetings and much more in order to meet your intellectual and cultural curiosity and show you how many facets creativity, art and genius can have.

Such an event is continuously cooperating with Institutions, Universities, Festivals, Museums and Italian and Foreign Culture Institutes for a better spread and circulation of contemporary creativity.

In addition, keeping with the topic, we remind you that soon in Rome there will be the official opening of the MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, a Foundation created by the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage.

MAXXI will open on May 30th 2010 and will be the first national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity: its primary aim in fact, is to promote 21st century art and architecture.

So guys, don’t forget about it, Contemporanea waits for you until May 12th 2010 with several events of any kind, whereas MAXXI awaits you all on May 30th 2010!

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