How to Taste a good Tuscan Wine? Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in Florence

Would you like to taste a delicious Tuscan wine?

Tuscan and Florentine wines are renowned all over the world, thanks to the green areas surrounding Florence which have been producing wine for centuries.

Tuscany is one of the most stunning and culturally lively wine region in the world: it is a perfect scenery for discovering new different tastes and smelling the fragrances of red and white Tuscan wines.

Tuscan landscape is made of green rolling hills where ageless villages and ancient towns seem to be untouched by time. Here, in the neighborhood of Florence, it is very easy to find many wine houses, from tiny family-run farms to huge wineries owned by coops.

Producing wines in Tuscany represents a very ancient tradition which anyway keeps on being in step with the times, introducing new techniques and innovations. One of the most famous wine-producing area in Tuscany is the Chianti region, a landscape which seems to be painted on a canvas: woods, olive groves, vineyards, country roads, farmhouses, typical villas and castles of rare beauty.

Here it is possible to have a Wine Tour with an expert guide who will let you discover and taste some of the finest wines in the world, such as Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, or the famous Ornellaia.

In addition, in the city of Florence you will find hundreds of wineries, wine bars and wine cellars, where it is possible to taste and enjoy typical, fine Tuscan wines. And furthermore, there are many small stands where people can sip a glass of wine and taste an “aperitivo” sitting by the street. It sounds delicious!

Visitors will have the chance to have excursions and trips to the most suggestive areas in Tuscany, where they will learn all about Tuscan and Italian wines with the help of a professional sommelier.

In other words, a different experience to try, tasting good wines in wineries and towns tucked away among the green Tuscan rolling hills.

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