On April 25th 2010, Venice celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark

Since always, on April 25th Venice celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark, the patron of the city.

In fact, also this year venetians and people from every corner of Italy and the world will gather in the stately and famous St. Mark’s Basilica at 10.30 am in order to celebrate, as tradition says, the procession led by the patriarch of Venice, the cardinal Angelo Scola, the representatives of ecclesiastic orders and the most important city authorities.

St. Mark the Evangelist, worshipped as a Saint by all the religious orders that allow the cult of the Saints, has become for his history the political-religious emblem of the Serenissima Republic of Venice since 1797.

In the past, the feast took place in St. Mark’s Square with a famous procession which many ecclesiastic, civil authorities and important personages of the arts took part in.

As time passed, his cult never ended and many monuments, squares and places of cult were built in order to pay homage to him, such as Venice Basilica, where the body of Saint Mark is preserved and safeguarded still nowadays.

A curious Venetian tradition says that, on this day, Venetians have to give as a gift to the woman they love a bocolo, that is a rose bud.

In addition, we remind you that on April 25th 2010, at 5.30 pm, the religious celebrations will continue at St. Mark’s Basilica.

Another perfect occasion for visiting the wonderful city of Venice!

For further information about other events in Venice, museums in Venice or monuments in Venice, please take a look at www.aboutvenice.org, a useful online tourist guide to Venice.

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