Siena is “La Città del Sì”, until May 31st 2010

Since September 2009, Siena has been celebrating one of the most important recurrences in the city history: the 700th anniversary of its “Costituto”, the first constitutional document written in vulgar language and not in Latin, in other words, the first symbol of democracy for the city of Siena. Finally, also common people could understand it.

It is for this reason that the city of Siena celebrates this recurrence with an event including several fields that aim to involve all the city with many initiatives: children, adults and elderly people.

Such an event will go on until May 31st 2010…so if you are in the neighborhood of Siena or you have never visited the city, this could be a perfect chance!

In fact, the programme of the “La Città del Sì” – a periphrasis of a famous sentence by Dante Alighieri – includes many reviews, exhibitions, shows and conventions.

Every weekend – from Friday to Sunday – visitors will find many appointments and events for tourists and Siena citizens, who will proudly show to be the heirs of the prosperous Republic of the Middle Ages. Good old times!

Until May 31st 2010, visitors will find also an interesting exhibition at Santa Maria della Scala Museum entitled Libri e fotografie del fondo Giuliano Briganti e dell’Istituto d’arte, a beautiful itinerary into Siena’s art between 13th and 14th centuries (opening hours from Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 5 pm).

In addition, on next Saturday May 1st 2010, from 10 am to 1 pm, with the initiative called “Le Contrade aprono i loro luoghi più sacri”, it will be also possible to visit (booking at Comune di Siena) the museums of Contrada Imperiale della Giraffa, Contrada Sovrana dell’Istrice, Nobile Contrada del Nicchio, Contrada Capitana dell’Onda, Contrada della Pantera e Contrada della Torre.

Events, museums, culture…for a May dedicated to fun in the medieval and wonderful city of Siena.

Further information about events in Siena are available on the useful online tourist guide to Siena,

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