Month: May 2010

Elba Island, Italy: a man-sized Paradise

It actually doesn’t take all that much travel to truly get away from it all. Those who are planning a European vacation but who want to escape the crowds and experience something more authentic should definitely consider Tuscany rather than southern Italy.

After all, just miles away from some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world is an island that has managed to remain a true relic of the past. And unlike other coastal attractions in Italy, or Spain’s most famous islands which see millions of visitors and gigantic jumbo jets, Elba is not your typical European summer vacation resort.

The biggest encouraging factor for those who are truly dying for a vacation unlike any others is the fact that, to the masses, Elba Island is not yet a buzzword. It has not been written up countless times in major publications States-side and beyond as the next rustic hideaway, and the property value has not even skyrocketed yet as other Europeans try to figure out if it is the next hot vacation spot or not.

While Elba Island hotels are nice and accommodating,

“Piazza di Siena” Horse Show Jumping Event in Rome

In May 2010, the most expected international equestrian competition comes back in Rome: “Concorso Ippico Internazionale Piazza di Siena”.

The Concorso Ippico Internazionale “Piazza di Siena” is an equestrian race that takes place yearly since 1922 in Rome in Piazza di Siena, an area located inside Villa Borghese. Since 1926, it has become an international competition and it is part of the Samsung Super League circuit, which gathers the most important eight CSIO in the world and where the best international riders take part in.

During such a competition, also other many events will take place, such as Coppa delle Nazioni, Gran Premio di Potenza, Gran Premio Roma and the Carosello dei Carabinieri.

A nearly 80 years old tradition, which at each edition gathers more and more visitors, horse races lovers or just curious people from all over the world.

The 78th edition of Rome horse show jumping will start just today 27th May and will continue ‘til Sunday 30th May. It will be the 2nd of 8 appointments that made the Meydan FEI Nations Cup™, together with

Francisco Goya in Milan ‘til June 2010

Palazzo Reale in Milan is still waiting for us with one of its great exhibitions ongoing since March 17th 2010 and entitled “Goya e il Mondo Moderno” (“Goya and the Modern World”), which will be on display until June 27th 2010.

We are talking about a great exhibition dedicated to the influence the Spanish painter had on modern art, from Picasso to Bacon. An extraordinary collection made up of over 180 works, like paintings, drawings and engravings.

Therefore, the aim of the exhibition is to link and analyze the connections between the painter and other famous modern artists, by starting from a deep research about the themes faced by the Aragonese artist: the image of the new society, the expression of subjectivity, reactions with gestures, and violence.

Among the artists present at the exhibition, we find: Delacroix, Klee, David, Kokoschka, Victor Hugo, Mirò, Klinger, Picasso, Nolde, Bacon, Kirchner, Pollock, Guttuso and de Kooning.

Francisco Goya’s work had a great influence on all the artistic movements belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries, from the Impressionism to Symbolism, from Expressionism to Surrealism, and contributed to strongly influence the contemporary art and culture.

The importance of the body, irrationality, terror, fear, and violence are the incomparable features of Goya’s painting, elements that mark the painter style with immediately recognizable lights and shapes.

The exhibition is managed by Valeriano Bozal and Concepción Lomba, two important Spanish experts about Francisco Goya and contemporary art, supported by the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage, and it was born from the cooperation among Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural Exterior (SEACEX), Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación, Ministerio de Cultura di Spagna, Fundación Goya en Aragón and Palazzo Reale in Milan.

So, Milan awaits you all at the luxurious Palazzo Reale with the exhibition “Goya and the Modern World”, until June 27th 2010.

For further information about events in Milan or museums in Milan, please take a look at the always up-to-date guide to Milan

The Great Arts & Music come back in Florence: Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 2010

The greatest and most expected appointment with music, dance and theatre comes back in Florence with its sweet, bitter, harrowing and trenchant notes.

Emotions come back with several performances starring great artists and titles. In fact, since last April 29th, the 73rd edition of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the festival dedicated to the art of music, ballet and opera has come back in Florence. This year, the event brings with it the charming East, in the pursuit of exotic and multi-ethnic themes, from Mozart to contemporary music, with the title “Verso Oriente” (“Toward the East”).

The Maggio Fiorentino playbill schedules great opera titles, stunning concerts and breathtaking performances and shows, among several brand new personalities and artists.

Until June 22nd 2010, a series of performances will take place in Florence nights,

Holidays at the Elba island: sun, sea and culture!

Elba is the biggest and the most famous among the islands of the Archipelago of Tuscany. Dominated by the Mount Capanne, 1.018 mt. above sea level and called “roof of the Archipelago”,the Elba island was well known even in the past due to its beauty. It is for this reason as well that, between I° and II° century AD, luxurious noble villas were built there. Some rich – and gourmant, we add – Romans choose the isle for their otium.

Today, two thousand years away, it seems that history repeats.

In fact, the Elba island is the destination of many tourists who go there for enjoying its nature and blue waters.

You can find several Hotels spread all over the isle: Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Capoliveri, Lacona, Rio Marina and Procchio, as well as last minute and holiday offers for the Elba Island as a destination. Just search for them! And looking at a survey published just before summer 2010, almost an Italian each two (43% exactly) goes online to look for information and to book a holiday resort.

But, what has to offer this small isle situated between Tuscany and Corsica, and