Turin International Book Fair 2010

The great appointment with books, reading and fantasy has come back. Also this year, Turin International Book Fair comes back with its edition 2010.

The trade and exhibition center Lingotto Fiere in Turin, as usual, in May will be proud to host such an important event, which has become the greatest Italian appointment dedicated to publishing industry, reading and culture, and one of the greatest events in Europe.

At its 23rd edition, the Fair will take place from May 13th to 17th 2010, with the following opening hours: on Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. As last year, about 300,000 visitors are expected to participate in the fair.

Conferences, meetings, debates, workshops, journalists, photographers and special guests will make this occasion unique thanks to culture, creativity and curiosity, which will mix together among the pages of a book with a colored cover or among the shy words of a young emerging daydream writer.

This year, Memory will be the key theme of the fair, an issue upon which to reflect. We should think about what it has become for us today, what it represents and how we use it. From technology arrival and a more and more impending presence of databanks managing the most of our plans, thousands questions and doubts arise about our relationship with the past, which now seems to be regardless and nearly annoying.

So, the great issue, the big dilemma, the 1 million dollar question comes back, the thorny relationship between tradition and innovation: what do we have to keep and what do we have to throw away? In order to express your opinion or just to listen to the others’, Turin waits for you in great numbers at Lingotto Fiere from May 13th.

At the exposition, there will be great names such as Umberto Eco, the Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore and the French Claude Lanzmann, the author of the prodigious documentary film about the Shoah, but also of his overwhelming autobiography entitled “La lepre della Patagonia” about the literary and cinematic use of memory.

So, these are the themes that will travel (and make visitors travel) along the different and close paths of science, literature, history and art, and that will be put under the spotlight on the stage of Turin International Book Fair 2010.

In addition, we remind you also the Bookstock Village, the corner completely dedicated to children and teens: a whole pavilion dedicated to entertainment, fun, games and fantasy. Many workshops are scheduled together with interesting meetings, readings, animations and multimedia, in order to get the youngest ones closer to reading and culture, for those who one day will build the future.

Furthermore, the Fair represents a good opportunity for meeting and knowing professionals of the book sector, such as publishers, book agents, librarians, teachers, translators: all those figures that hide behind a good book’s pages (or behind a good book cover!).

The International Book Forum is the area dedicated to the exchange of publication, translation and transposition rights of literary works. So, here it is a Good occasion for Good Contacts! :-)

Finally, the “Premio Salone Internazionale del Libro” comes back with three finalists, Paul Auster, Carlos Fuentes and Amos Oz. Three undisputed masters of the world culture will compete for the final prize as a legion of merit for the work that was able to make literature a necessary instrument for knowledge. You can’t miss it!

This and many other appointments await you all from May 13th to 17th 2010 at Lingotto Fiere in Turin.

For further information about events in Turin, we remind you the always up-to-date website www.aboutturin.com, the useful and practical online tourist guide to Turin.

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