The Sensa Festivity 2010: a new wedding between Venice and the sea

Among the numerous events organized in the city of Venice during all the year, the Sensa Feast is surely one of the most important and interesting since it represents, more than others, the union between the city, the sea and the practice of the rowing so called “Voga alla Veneta”.

The Sensa Feast came to life as a festivity celebrated by the Venetian Republic on the Christ’s Ascension day (the meaning of the word “sensa” in Venetian dialect means exactly ascension), to commemorate two important events linked to the Serenissima’s history: 9 of May 1000, when the Doge came to rescue of the Dalmatian people who were under the Slav menace, and the signing in 1177, of the peace treaty created to put an end to the long diatribe between the papacy and the empire.

The city of Venice began to celebrate Ascension Day again in 1965, to highlight the dominion of the Serenissima over the sea, their special union and the activities linked to it. The Sensa Feast presents a program that, more than re-evocation, includes several meetings and cultural events that started yesterday, Monday 10 May 2010, and will continue throughout the week and culminating with the water parade of the Sensa, on Sunday 16 May.
Especially, the so called “Gemellaggio Adriatico” (“Adriatic Twinning”) every year links Venice to a different city or geografical area that had, during the past, a special relationship with the Serenissima. This year, the ring symbolizing such union passes from the province of Bergamo to the city of Larnaca, in Cyrpus, with an opening ceremony which will take place on Saturday 15 May at Palazzo Ducale (the Doge’s Palace). On the same occasion, the “Osella d’Oro della Sensa 2010” award will be given to public organizations, institutions and private citizens that brought prestige to the city thanks to their activity in the field of culture, handicraft and trade.
In addition, do not miss the event “Mare Maggio“, a manifestation organized from Friday 14 May to Sunday 16 May at the Venice’s Arsenal, consisting of exhibitions, historical reconstructions and events addressed to those who love the sea.

If you wish, you can also follow the water parade and the wedding ceremony with the sea (which sets the union between Venice and the sea) aboard a boat on the lagoon.
On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of May, the traditional Ascension fair is also organized.

For all the information and a weekly detailed program, visit the official Venice municipality website.

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