Saint Ranieri’s Luminara enlightens the city of Pisa

Still today, Pisa hedges within its ancient walls the most beautiful and magic traditions of the past loved by its citizens which every year are celebrated in a unique way.

Among the most beautiful, exiting and stunning, we find the event of Luminara, which on every 16th June takes place in Pisa in honor of the patron of the city, San Ranieir, whose memorabilia are preserved in the Chapel of Pisa Cathedral (Duomo) since 1688.

On this occasion, some days before the event, about 70,000 little lights and candles are placed on the facades of the buildings along the Arno river, which decorate ledges, windows, arcades and balconies of all monuments, palaces, towers and churches of the city.

A myriad of lights adorning the picturesque city of Pisa, creating a very stunning background around citizens and visitors. As a spectacular effect along the river banks, the luminous architectures will reflect on the river water, where other many lights will be carried by the river stream. Buildings along the Arno River will turn into a fantastical fairyland setting.

And finally, in order to complete an evening rich of magic and emotions, everybody will look up there, at the fabulous fireworks full of bursts and colors: a rain made up of luminous streamers will get the summer started!

In addition, the following day, the Fair of Saint Ranieri takes place in Pisa, with many stalls crowding the streets of the city, where visitors will find sweets, toys, antiques, junk jewelry and much more among chats and laughs of Pisa citizens and tourists.

A perfect occasion for having fun, getting excited thanks to such a stunning show, and why not, visiting the city of Pisa!

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