Holidays at the Elba island: sun, sea and culture!

Elba is the biggest and the most famous among the islands of the Archipelago of Tuscany. Dominated by the Mount Capanne, 1.018 mt. above sea level and called “roof of the Archipelago”,the Elba island was well known even in the past due to its beauty. It is for this reason as well that, between I° and II° century AD, luxurious noble villas were built there. Some rich – and gourmant, we add – Romans choose the isle for their otium.

Today, two thousand years away, it seems that history repeats.

In fact, the Elba island is the destination of many tourists who go there for enjoying its nature and blue waters.

You can find several Hotels spread all over the isle: Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Capoliveri, Lacona, Rio Marina and Procchio, as well as last minute and holiday offers for the Elba Island as a destination. Just search for them! And looking at a survey published just before summer 2010, almost an Italian each two (43% exactly) goes online to look for information and to book a holiday resort.

But, what has to offer this small isle situated between Tuscany and Corsica, and who is choosing it as a destination for spending holidays there?

On land
Before leaving for the Elba island, just let’s go to a sport store to buy a pair of shoes and everything we need (water bottle, rackets, knapsack and k-way) to go trekking (or to nordik walking).
It is possible to find several itineraries all around Elba.
Passing through the mules dispossessed of their original function, you will visit a natural landscape made of heather plants and myrtle, arbutus and broom, among holms, chestnuts and corks. To find wild animals (boars, moufflons, fauns) is not rare in this area, as well as to look at the migratory birds that choose this landscape as a place for a rest on their fly from North Europe to Africa.
And the wild orchid, then, and the numerous butterflies spread in the air from Spring to Autumn, and the fields covered by thousands of aflutter colours.
Elba & trekking really seem to represent a successful combination!

At sea
Since we are talking about an island, we can not forget all those fun and leisure activities that one can do comfortably staying in the water.
From boating sailing (you can explore, for example, all the major isles of the Archipelago: Capraia, Giannutri, Giglio, Gorgona, Montecristo and Pianosa) to windsurf (Elba West Coast is well known in the sailboard field and among surfers).
And the snorkeling and diving activities in the Elba island’s waters. And even if you never tried the immersion experience in all your life (no, those done in your personal bath at home are not valid!) do not worry too much. The schools of diving on the Elba island offer courses at all levels, also for beginners.

At this step, you just have to look for your ideal accommodation. And if you are among the 43% of Italians looking on the net in order to find their ideal destination for next holiday, well, type “hotel Elba” on the keyboard and you will find at least 481.000 search results.
Have a good choice and…a good holiday

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