Elba Island, Italy: a man-sized Paradise

It actually doesn’t take all that much travel to truly get away from it all. Those who are planning a European vacation but who want to escape the crowds and experience something more authentic should definitely consider Tuscany rather than southern Italy.

After all, just miles away from some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world is an island that has managed to remain a true relic of the past. And unlike other coastal attractions in Italy, or Spain’s most famous islands which see millions of visitors and gigantic jumbo jets, Elba is not your typical European summer vacation resort.

The biggest encouraging factor for those who are truly dying for a vacation unlike any others is the fact that, to the masses, Elba Island is not yet a buzzword. It has not been written up countless times in major publications States-side and beyond as the next rustic hideaway, and the property value has not even skyrocketed yet as other Europeans try to figure out if it is the next hot vacation spot or not.

While Elba Island hotels are nice and accommodating, they are not trying to draw the crowd hoping for luxury cocktails in the afternoon, and they definitely don’t need to be. This is one of the few spots in Italy that is still about nature, and just a couple of days visiting Elba will have you rejuvenated, realizing that Italy is about a whole lot more than fine dining and even finer artwork.

There are a number of factors that make Elba Island special, but the truly unique qualities can be traced back to years and years of a diverse ecosystem without man-made planning around to destroy it. If you happen to venture into the inland areas of Elba Island, you are likely to come across wild boars running about, despite the fact that tourists have decided this is somewhere definitely worth visiting.

And for those who aren’t quite travel snobs, but who are always dreaming of discovering their very own paradise, this is truly the spot where it can happen. Because Elba is not yet the next big thing, you can enjoy the fact that the local culture is embracing tourism without worrying about feeling crowded while on holiday.

And for anyone who is looking for a truly relaxing and reinvigorating vacation away from the masses, is there anything more you could possibly ask for?

At the same time, it is important to understand that the true value of Elba goes beyond the fact that it is not yet the next “it” place to visit. This is, after all, an island mere moments away from Tuscany where you can truly have it all. If you’re hoping for challenging and mountainous hiking, merely head to the slopes of Mount Capanne, a popular stomping ground for local and foreign trekkers alike.

Likewise, you can also explore the eastern parts of the island, which include rolling hills and iron deposits that have been happily in existence, untouched for hundreds of millions of years.

This is a landscape that at once feels both young and old, and with picture-perfect views around every single corner, you don’t need to know the entire geographical history of Elba Island to understand that you are truly experiencing something both unique and exciting.

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