The Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia, Liguria

Since last Saturday 19thJune, the historical and traditional Battle of Flowers has begun in the city of Ventimiglia, a town located in the Western Ligurian Riviera.

We are talking about a very ancient event, which takes its origins in the ceremonies celebrated by the farmers in order to pay homage to the rebirth of vegetation in springtime, because they were aware of the bounty of “mother earth” and knew that good harvests depended on her.

Throughout the years, this event turned into a sort of carnival, with a parade of papier-mâché floats decorated with thousands flowers and colors, and subsequently, with floats covered in a mosaic work made up of flowers. Since 1933, the Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia became the only original one for good, differing from the other many similar parades on the Riviera for its elegant and artistic flowers arrangements.

Today as in the past, the awakening of nature in Ventimiglia is celebrated in a very original way in such a wonderful corner of Ligurian Riviera, in the province of Imperia. It’s no surprise that the town is one of the greatest flowers producers at international level.

And now let’s talk about the next events: today Monday 21st June at 9 pm there will be many competitions and sport events in the historical centre and the 10th lottery “Battaglia dei Fiori”. In addition, on Friday 23rd July the 5th edition of “Battaglia dei Fiori di Giovani Carristi” will take place starting from 8.30 pm, a competition reserved just to the youth, a parade of floats and masks with confetti, musical bands and much fun.

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