The Game of the Bridge in Pisa, on June 26th 2010

On Saturday June 26th 2010, the famous Game of the Bridge will take place in Pisa starting from 5 pm. We are talking about a historical event of the “Giugno Pisano 2010”, a month rich in initiatives, events, historical celebrations in order to celebrate the ancient Pisa’s traditions.

Such an important historical re-evocation takes place in two different moments: the battle is preceded by a Historical Parade, a sort of military parade taking place along the Arno River. Subsequently, the real Battle is set on the Ponte di Mezzo, where the ancient historical enemy Pisa areas of Mezzogiorno (south of the Arno) and Tramontana (north of the river) will challenge each other in a very exciting atmosphere.

The Tramontana “troops” represent the districts of Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Michele, Mattaccini, Calci and Sartiri, whereas the Mezzogiorno represents Sant’Antonio, San Martino, San Marco, Leoni, Dragoni and Delfini.

During the days preceding the battle, Ponte di Mezzo is carefully set: an instrument in wood, a sort of heavy trolley (seven tons) is set on fifty meters long tracks. The final victory goes to the team that wins the greater number of battles, pushing the trolley into the enemy field and knocking over the staff with the banner with the colors of the enemy team.

If you’ve never visited Pisa before, this is a perfect occasion!

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