Siena Horse Race comes back on July, 2nd 2010

Ready? Let’s go! Yes, because the first appointment with the most expected event in Siena will come back on July 2nd 2010: the Palio di Siena! A traditional horse-race that takes its origins centuries ago and still today it’s in the heart of Siena citizens.

A folkloristic traditional event, which every year draws the attention of thousands visitors, experts and curious people from every corner of Italy and the world.

The picturesque Piazza del Campo, a shell-shaped square famous in the world for its particular aspect, will host once again ten of the 17 contradas of the city. In fact, we remind you that each contradas has a horse representing it in the race.

This year, the 10 contradas running in the Palio are the following:

AQUILA (Eagle)
BRUCO (Caterpillar)
GIRAFFA (Giraffe)
LEOCORNO (Unicorn)
NICCHIO (Seashell)
SELVA (Forest)
TORRE (Tower)
ONDA (Wave)
ISTRICE (Porcupine)
DRAGO (Dragon)

The Palio, an event that has become part of Siena citizens’ life, takes its origins in 1644, when the first palio with horses was held.

From tomorrow, on Tuesday June 29th, there will be four days for preparing initiatives and events for the palio. As traditions says, the burst of the firecracker will ratify the going out of the horses from the Entrone.

The horses will have to complete three laps around the picturesque square (about 1 km). The winning Contrade will be the one whose horse, with or without jockey, will get before and win the famous Drappellone or Palio, which every year is designed by a special artist.

We remind you that it is advisable to arrive at Piazza del Campo about half an our before the Historical Parade. At Piazza del Campo it is possible to watch for free the race.

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