Month: July 2010

Torino Danza Festival 2010 comes back in September

Even if it’s still summertime, today we would like to talk about an autumnal event for all the lovers of dance, ballet and music. We are talking about Torino Danza Festival 2010, which will take place in Turin from 7th September to 13th November 2010.

This edition will be subdivided into 3 different sections: “Miti”, which focuses on the esthetics and the beauty of physical movements linked to the music, “Scene dagli anni Ottanta”, which comes back to the origins of contemporary times through some of the masterpieces of dance’ history, and “Platel e les ballets C de la B”, which explores the op position between pain and hope through the enchanting poit of view of Alain Platel and his company.

Torinodanza festival 2010 will be inaugurated with Balanchine-Kylián of the Royal Ballet of Flanders on Tuesday 7th September at Teatro Regio in Turin with its first Italian premiere. The company from Belgium will arrive to Turin with three titles: Theme and Variations by George Balanchine, Forgotten Land and 27’ 52” by Jirí Kylián.

The second show offered by Torinodanza will be

The 85th Palio of the Gulf in La Spezia, Liguria

La Spezia, a city located in the Eastern Riviera of Liguria, gets ready for its 85th Palio of the Gulf, which this year will take place on Sunday 1st August 2010.

The ancient Palio of the Gulf is part of the many traditional events taking place in La Spezia, a town surrounded by mountains and the sea, and every year it takes place the 1st Sunday of August in front of the waterfront “Morin”.

The Palio is a challenging rowing race among 13 fishing boats handmade by local craftsmen, with peculiar features for making them faster in water.

Probably, it takes its origins from the challenge among the crews of fishing boats in the waters of the Gulf of La Spezia (or Gulf of the Poets), where there is mussels farming (or “muscoli” as the citizens call them).

In the past, such races were very important because the winner could have the priority in discharging goods and fish, rising in this way their profit.

And still nowadays, this challenge is very expected and beloved by all the citizens of La Spezia, especially by the borgate (districts and towns taking place in the competition): Porto Venere, Le Grazie, Fezzano, Cadimare, Marola, CRDD (Circolo ricreativo dipendenti difesa), Canaletto, Fossamastra, Muggiano, San Terenzo, Venere Azzurra, Lerici and Tellaro.

However, the Palio is more than a race, is the heart of the city, is culture, art and many events scheduled in the works:

On 23rd July at 8.30 pm: inauguration of Villaggio del Palio, along the waterfront Morin and the exhibition “Sommergibili nel Golfo” created by The Historical Maritime Society.

From Saturday 24th to 28th July at 9 pm: five evenings of debates dedicated to the sea for making the public aware of climate change and the safeguard of the environment. The presence of Dario Vergassola is scheduled for such evenings.

In addition, from 28th July to 1st August there will be the Summer National Games “Special Olympics” of rowing, with crews, made up of athletes with or without intellectual disability.

The Palio of the Gulf in La Spezia will start on Sunday 1st August at about 7.30 pm: two thousands meters in about 10 minutes. The day will end up with fantastic fireworks at 10.30 pm.

La Spezia in Liguria waits for you in great numbers to watch the 85th Palio of the Gulf and enjoy the several events organized by the city.

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Music, Jazz and Concerts: Summer 2010 in Siena

Summer 2010 in Siena seems to be entirely dedicated to the music, full of important initiatives, events, concerts and brand new elements.

The 78th edition of the event Estate Musicale Chigianahas begun on Sunday 18th July with a concert of Sofia Festival Orchestra, and the next appointment is scheduled for Saturday 24th July with the cello Antonio Meneses, followed by Joaquin Achucarro at the piano on Tuesday 27th.

Also in August, the appointments will be many: from 4th to 25th, several concerts are scheduled, having has protagonists instruments such as viola, violin, cello, piano, double bass, clarinet and some of the greatest international artists.

But the summer dedicated to the music in Siena continues. As a matter of fact, the great Siena Jazz Festival 2010 comes back to wonder spectators with great guests from all over the world.

From Friday 23rd July until 7th August 2010, the Fondazione Siena Jazz, the institution for high quality jazz training, once again organizes this great musical event, with the presence of great artists coming from America and Europe.

Where is Siena Jazz Festival 2010? Obviously in the most charming and striking places of the city! Jam sessions and extraordinary live performance will wait for you.

This year, visitors will find on the stage great international names such as John Taylor, Aaron Goldberg, Michael Blake, Jim Snidero, John Riley, Kenny Werner, Bobby Watson, Avishai Cohen, Glenn Ferris, Seamus Blake, Drew Gress, Ferenc Nemeth, Reuben Rogers, Eric Harland, Anders Jormin, Peter Bernstein, Ben Monder, Kenny Wheeler, Joel Frahm, Scott Colley, Omar Avital and Jeremy Pelt.

In addition, also many Italian artists will be present, such as Riccardo Del Fra, Stefano Battaglia, Bruno Tommaso, Furio Di Castri, Pietro Leveratto, Massimo Manzi and many others. On Saturday 24th July, Seminari Estivi (Summer Courses) of Siena Jazz will begin with the Orchestra InJam and the guest Gless Ferris.

The last two appointments are scheduled for 5th, 6th and 7th August at Enoteca Italiana (at 9.45 pm – free entrance) with many bands and jazz artists.

Finally, we remind you another appointment with music in Siena: the 35th edition of Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte in Montepulciano (a small ancient village located near Siena). The event, which was created by the composer Hans Werner Henze, began on 15th July and will continue until 1st August 2010, offering its audience its main feature: the interaction between professional, famous artists and young talents.

Once again, among the green rolling Tuscan hills and the charming Renaissance’ buildings, operas and performances created by famous contemporary authors will be put on the stage for the first time.

This year, the event aims to experimentation and innovation through studies and workshops about techniques for composing and performances.

Tomorrow, on Thursday 22nd July, Recital per violino e pianoforte is scheduled for 6 pm with the violin Eva Thorarinsdottir, and Malcom Forbes and Peckham at the piano, whereas the Concert of Contemporary Music “Ensemble 2 Agosto” is scheduled for 9.30 pm, with an absolute premiere of contemporary music.

This and much more wait for you in the medieval city of Siena, for a summer in the pursuit of music, rich in concerts, live performances and musical courses.

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Roma Vintage, the Very Best of 60s, 70s and 80s

The sparkling nights of Roma Vintage come back with its 2nd edition in the squares of the Italian capital, with the legendary atmospheres and rhythm of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

A not-to-be-missed appointment taking place in Parco San Sebastiano in Rome, which began on the last 11th June and will continue with several events until 15th August 2010.

Parco di San Sebastiano, placed in Via di Porta San Sebastiano, will host this great event for all the lovers of this world, with a revival of the best years of dance music, offering any kind of initiative…cinema, music, theater performances, exhibition stands.

Roma Vintage edition 2010 is a world apart that schedules several appointments: live performances for enjoying dance music hits of those years again, Jazz’n Blues, sport events, cinema reviews and exhibitions. There’s everything for the lovers of 60s, 70s and 80s!

The Cine Vintage and the area “Disco e Performances” are located in the Piazzetta Vintage, the center of the event, and here it is also possible to find wine and food stands.

The area reserved for the cinema wants to promote and give value to the cinematographic culture through many thematic reviews. The area dedicated to the dance music will make visitors feel and live the emotions of those years.

Remember, magical summer nights await you at Parco di San Sebastiano in Rome until 15th August 2010, with the presence of the greatest music of 60s, 70s and 80s, and many exhibitions every day! In addition, we remind you the FREE ENTRANCE.

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Versilia Coast celebrates Summer 2010 with the Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago

Summer has just begun, and the Versilia Coast brings notes, songs and the greatest emotions in its nights with the famous Festival Puccini, which comes back with its 56th edition taking place from 16th July to 22nd August 2010 in Torre del Lago.

Once again, the open-air Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini will host great guests and breathtaking operas, for a summer rich in music.

As usual, the programme schedules the celebration of eternal melodies composed by the master Giacomo Puccini and wonderful evenings of lyric music will begin, dedicated to one of the most important composers of opera in the world, who was born in the city of Lucca in 1858.

The Festival Puccini 2010 will be inaugurated by La Fanciulla del West (on 16th and 23rd July and 7th August), Puccini’s masterpiece, 100 years after its first premier at Metropolitan Opera in New York, on 10th December 1910.

Later on, there will be other three titles on the playbill:

Madama Butterfly (17th and 25th July – 1st, 14th, 22nd August)

Tosca (24th, 30th July – 8th, 13th, 21st August)

Turandot (31st July – 6th, 12th, 20th August)

We remind you also that the Festival Puccini is not just Opera.

The Festival’s spectators in fact, will have the chance to marvel at one of the greatest female voices in the world, the American soprano Renée Fleming, who will inflame the stage during the Gala Concert on 28th July, with the extraordinary presence of the 15 years old Anthony Arcaini, director and composer, a little genius of music.

Finally, on 11th August, the timeless and overall opera Romeo and Juliet, with the notorious melodies by Sergej Sergeevi? Prokof’ev and the dancers of the Imperial Russian Ballet of Gediminas Tarando, Maria Sokolnikova and Alexsander Smolyaninov of the Teatro Bolshoi.

All this and much more waits for you at Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini in the town of Torre del Lago, in Versilia.

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