Cartasia 2010, the Open-air Biennial of Contemporary Art in Lucca

The striking art appointment with the open-air exhibition Cartasia comes back in the city of Lucca as a special background for the beginning of summer. This year, Cartasia 2010, the Biennial of Contemporary Art began on June 19th and visitors from Italy and abroad  will have the chance to enjoy it until July 18th 2010.

Which is the main theme for this year? The fifth edition of the exhibition has a very eloquent title: “Play Green Creativity”: fun, ecology and creativity interlinked through the artistic use of paper, a simple material being the only protagonist of such an event.

The exhibition will focus on issues like recycling and sustainable development by showing works by international artists coming from all over the world, selected by the competition’s jury. Among the countries represented by the several artists, besides Italy we find Russia, Mexico and England.

Besides the several en plein air installations, many other contemporary art events are scheduled: exhibitions, vernissages, literary meetings, theatre workshops and performances.

In the works, we find four personal exhibitions of artists who use paper as an essential element for expressing their own creativity: Caterina Crepax, Hemmes, Anna Onesti and Hiroaki Asahara. And just this evening, on Thursday July 1st at 6.30 pm, they will be inaugurated at La Cavallerizza: Rituali senza tempo by Anna Onesti, Strappi by Hemmes, Sogni vestiti di Carta by Caterina Crepax and the collective exhibition Amateras.

And of course, such an artistic background couldn’t be without a theatre workshop! Living the Theatre: Teatro Migliorativo/Teatro Verde in fact will focus on the important themes of ecological disasters and will suggest participants new visions of life. The workshop will be held in Lucca, with afternoon and will conclude with a performance. If you would like to take part in the workshop, you have to enroll by July 3rd.

Further information about the city of Lucca, please visit our travel guide to Versilia:

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