Master Fellini’s creative obsessions on exhibition in Bologna

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Inaugurated on last March 25 at the MaMbo, Museo d’Arte Moderna (Museum of Modern Art) in Bologna, the exhibition dedicated to Federico Fellini, undisputed master of Italian cinema, is going on until 25 of July 2010 and having great success.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Bologna’s cineteca (Bologna film collection unit), is moving from Paris – city that hosted it for a long period of time – to the Italian town, and entitled: Federico Fellini. Dall’Italia alla Luna. (Federico Fellini. From Italy to the Moon).

It is an interactive exhibition, a sort of voyage inside Fellini’s dream-like imagery, from the beginning to its full development, realized to make people understand the director and his works through obsessions that inspired him during the building of his very special characters.

Thanks to pictures on exhibit – more than 200 – original drawings – about 50 – 30 audio video stations with 12 video projections and hundreds of original documents taken from magazines, posters, slides and magazine covers of that time, the exhibition traces the scenes’ realization, the analysis of locations and the movies’ backstage through a path organized by tematic areas which are: Cultura popolare (Popular culture), Fellini al lavoro (Fellini at work), La città delle donne (The city of women) and Invenzione biografica (Biographical invention). The section entitled Fellini e la voce (Fellini and the voice) – a special area dedicated to moving images opposed to still images – enriches the exhibition with audio-video materials coming from a private collection and purchased today, by Bologna film collection unit, that offers, besides movies directed and scripted by the Italian master, different film makers who took inspiration from Fellini’s maasterpieces in the past.

The exhibition represents a unique occasion to learn to deeply know and undestand one of the icon of the Italian cinema, beloved and appreciated abroad as well, while totally entering inside obsessions and thoughts that inspired in the past, Fellini’s masterpieces.

The exhibition is open all days from Tuesday to Sunday, at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.

For further and more detailed information, please, visit the official Modern Art Museum or Cineteca di Bologna website.

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