The Traditional Event “Festa de Noantri” in Rome

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Have you ever heard about the “Festa de Noantri”?

It’s a typical summer event taking place every year in Rome in the beautiful district called Trastevere. In other words, the “festa de noantri” (“Our Feast”) is in opposition to “you, who live in other districts…”. This year, visitors will enjoy this special event from July 15th to 30th 2010.

The event takes its origins from a very ancient fact. The legend says that after a frightening storm, some fishermen found on the river Tevere’s banks a precious cedar wood statue representing the Virgin Mary. The statue was brought and safeguarded in the Church of St. Crisogono and became the Madonna procuress of Trastevere inhabitants.

Since then, every year a procession carried the famous statue around the streets, followed by a crowd, where many tables were set in order to eat and drink wine.

Throughout the centuries, the religious event turned into a traditional Rome happening, where today it is possible to find several stalls with sweets, toys and any sort of handmade objects. Finally, celebrations end up with wonderful fireworks.

If you have never visited Rome, then you could discover the fabulous Italian capital in summertime and enjoy the “Festa de Noantri” in Trastevere district, from July 15th to 30th 2010.

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