Fireworks and Events in Venice: Festivity of Redentore 2010

Every third Sunday of July, the city of Venice celebrates the Festivity of Redentore, which it is both a religious and a profane event that is very appreciated by Venetians.

This year the event will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July 2010, in the charming background of the Lagoon of Venice. On Saturday night, the scenery of San Marco dock will turn into a world of wonderful fireworks, which every year gather thousands visitors.

You will marvel at colors and light plays moving through spires, domes and bell towers of the city. The fireworks will begin at 11.30 pm and will continue until 12 pm and longer.

And as tradition says, at dusk enlightened boats decorated with colored air-balloons come in the San Marco dock and in the Giudecca Channel.

The traditional Festivity of Redentore dates back to 1577, a year reminding the end of a terrible disease, which was celebrated with the construction of the basilica of Palladio on the Giudecca Isle, where visitors nowadays can go and visit by crossing a 330 m long bridge made up of boats. Celebrations include also a religious procession.

Finally, the week-end ends up with the final regatta of gondolas.

Here are the events scheduled for the Festivity of Redentore 2010 in Venice:

7.00 pm Celebratory opening of the Thanksgiving Bridge, connecting the Zattere to the Church of the Redentore on the island of Giudecca

11.30 pm Fireworks in St. Mark’s Bay

Redentore Regattas, organized by the Municipality of Venice
4.00 pm A children’s twin-oared “pupparini” boat regatta
4.45 pm Twin-oared “pupparini” boat regatta
5.30 pm Twin-oared gondola regatta

7.00 pm
Thanksgiving Mass at the Church of the Redentore on the Giudecca presided over by His Eminence Cardinal Patriarch Angelo Scola, with the city authorities in attendance

Other Events

9.00 pm Concert “Mottetti per il Santissimo Redentore” by the Ensamble Barocco Il Sistro, music by Monteverdi, Cavalli, Castello and others – Church of San Salvador (San Marco 4835)

9.30 pm Concert by Banda Musicale di Tessera C.C.R.T., traditional venetian music – Fondamenta Zattere (Chiesa dei Gesuati)

8.00 pm Redentore at Forte Gazzera
8.30 pm Fireworks

9.00 pm Redentore in the arena of Piazza Mercato in Marghera

11.30 am Marinaressa Gardens opening ceremony, Riva Sette Martiri

Further information about the city of Venice and events in Venice are available on the website

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