Torino Danza Festival 2010 comes back in September

Even if it’s still summertime, today we would like to talk about an autumnal event for all the lovers of dance, ballet and music. We are talking about Torino Danza Festival 2010, which will take place in Turin from 7th September to 13th November 2010.

This edition will be subdivided into 3 different sections: “Miti”, which focuses on the esthetics and the beauty of physical movements linked to the music, “Scene dagli anni Ottanta”, which comes back to the origins of contemporary times through some of the masterpieces of dance’ history, and “Platel e les ballets C de la B”, which explores the op position between pain and hope through the enchanting poit of view of Alain Platel and his company.

Torinodanza festival 2010 will be inaugurated with Balanchine-Kylián of the Royal Ballet of Flanders on Tuesday 7th September at Teatro Regio in Turin with its first Italian premiere. The company from Belgium will arrive to Turin with three titles: Theme and Variations by George Balanchine, Forgotten Land and 27’ 52” by Jirí Kylián.

The second show offered by Torinodanza will be “you PARA ? DISO”, which will include one of the most famous choreographer in Europe, the Italian Emio  Greco, who now lives in Amsterdam. The show will go on the stage on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September at Fonderie Limone in the town of Moncalieri. After HELL and [purgatorio] POPOPERA, you PARA?DISO will end the cycle inspired from the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, with a choreography that wants to reveal the deepest memory of body.

The second section, “Scene dagli anni Ottanta”, will come back to make us think about the power of the 80s. on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October, the company Rosas will be present at the Cavallerizza Reale with Rosas danst Rosas, with the choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The show will focus on the representation of tensions and the contrast between rationality and emotions.

The third section, “Platel e les ballets C de la B” will take place together with Prospettiva 2, the theater festival connected to contemporary times at the Teatro Stabile in Turin, this year at its 2nd edition.

With the director and choreographer Alain Platel we will explore the op position between suffering and the need of revenge, between pain and hope: the secret of human life.

On Friday 29th and 30th October, at Cavallerizza Reale, there will be the Italian premiere of “Primero erscht”, the new creation by Lisi Estaras with les ballets C de la B.

On 9th and 10th November at Fonderie Limone in Moncalieri, there will be “Out of Context – for Pina”, in order to pay homage to the great artist Pina Bausch.

Finally on Friday 15th October, an Extra section at Teatro Carignano will present “Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day” a dance solocreated in 2008 by the master of contemporary art Jan Fabre together with Ivana Jozic.
Further information about events in Turin are available on the website

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