Month: August 2010

Eat Pray Love: Leave now and come to Rome, for Enjoying the pleasures of Life, of Italy and Learning Italian


“Have you lost touch with who you are? Then risk everything and let yourself go”. These are the words of the trailer of “Eat, Pray, Love”, the new movie interpreted by the beautiful and very good actress Julia Roberts and based on a book written by the American writer Elizabeth Gilbert.

The film is based on an incredible real story, which tells about a 32-years-old businesswoman who, after her divorce and a hard time, decides to leave and spend one year traveling among Italy, India and Indonesia, looking for herself.

In the book, she tells about her four months spent in Italy, to be more precise, in the beautiful Rome, and we can discover all the special moments she lived there, eating and enjoying life like only Romans can do, as the author says.

She falls in love with the Italian lifestyle, the way they have fun and enjoy their life without feeling guilty about it, and she also falls in love with the shy Giovanni, a handsome Italian guy who becomes her personal Italian language teacher.

Learning Italian was one of the things she always wanted to do, and now she will have this chance. She will learn Italian language making conversation with many new friends, eating in special restaurants with them, and discovering the curious Italian ways of saying and a lot of new words.

She will attend an Italian language course

The Cultural Event “Festival della Mente” in Sarzana, Liguria

After the great success of the previous editions, the renowned and very expected “Festival della Mente” comes back in the beautiful Ligurian town of Sarzana, located nearby La Spezia.

A special cultural event for discovering why and how ideas rise. This year the festival scheduled many appointments about creativity, shows, interesting meetings with scientists, artists, literati, historians, authors and philosophers.

Such a cultural event has come to its 7th edition and also this year visitors will find many surprises and brand new initiatives dedicated to adults and children.

The Festival will take place on 3rd, 4th and 5th September 2010 in several venues of Sarzana. As a matter of fact, the initiatives and meetings with important personages will happen in the squares and theatres of the town, with the stunning background of ancient palaces and the typical narrow streets of Sarzana. Among the venues of the event we find: Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Cesare Battisti, Cinema Italia, Teatro degli Impavidi, Piazza d’Armi (Fortezza Firmafede) and many others.

The protagonists are many and they belong to very different cultural fields. Just to mention a few: the meeting with the Catalan writer Javier Cercas (together with Aldo Cazzullo) entitled “Fra Letteraturà realtà” (“Between literature and reality”) which will take place on Sunday 5th September at 4.30 pm at Chiostro San Francesco.

In addition, the festival will present also a musical dimension with the Italian band Avion Travel, who will play on Sunday 5th September at 9.00 pm in Piazza d’armi Fortezza Firmafede.

Furthermore, Edoardo Boncinello, physician and geneticist who will present the meeting “La mente e il corpo. Le tre età: la formazione”; Roberto Escobar, phylosopher and cinema critic with Paolo Legrenzi, teacher of Cognivite Psychology at IUAV University in Venice, will present a meeting titled “Perchè crediamo alle storie?”.

Maurizio Ferraris, teacher of Theoretical Phylosophy at Turin University, will be at the festival with the meeting “L’anima and l’i-Pad” (“The soul and the i-Pad”) on Saturday 4th September at 3.00 in Sala Canale Lunense.

Edition 2009 was very successful, it was attended by a total audience of 40,000 in 3 days, and in 2010 the Festival della Mente, directed by Giulia Cogoli, will be holding its 7th edition with great guests and remarkable meetings.

Last year the festival concluded with the extraordinary participation of the author Roberto Saviano (“Gomorra”) and also this year the event will be even better.

Meetings, workshops, debates…the extraordinary success gathered thousands visitors from every corner of Italy and led the organization to enlarge the venues for the festival for meet the many visitors’ needs.

In the works we find once again “approfonditaMente”, a series of meetings-lessons-workshops dedicated to design, religion, environment, poetry, art, rhetoric and cooking, which are conceived for a little group of people, in order to create a nearer relation between the public and the speaker.

In addition, there’s a wide range of activities conceived for teens and children of any age, such as workshops, during which the parents will have the chance to leave their children alone with the teachers.

You can’t miss such a cultural and very creative event in a quaint and welcoming town like Sarzana, located just 10 minutes from the sea and close to many famous villages and seaside resorts, such as Cinque Terre, Lerici and Porto Venere.

It is a further opportunity for visiting places you have never seen and tasting local specialties in the several restaurants and pizzerias placed in the area.

For further information about Sarzana, a Spezia and useful tips about Liguria, please visit the new travel guide About Liguria.

All the events require an entrance fee, except for event n. 1.

Prices: kid’s events €3,50; approfonditaMente and shows €7,00; all the other events €3,50.

It is recommended to buy the tickets promptly, in fact, during the past editions they sold out quickly. The direction reserves the right to modify the program; the changes will be communicated at the box office, at the information desks, and on the website.

Online Booking
Starting from July 22nd it is possible to buy the tickets online. The booking fee corresponds to the 10% of the ticket’s cost, it is necessary to collect the tickets at the 2 box offices based in Sarzana: piazza San Giorgio, Cittadella Piazza Firmafede until 2 hours before the beginning of the event (with the online purchase receit it is not possible to access the event).

Phone Booking
Starting from August 23rd until September 2nd the phone booking service will be active calling the number 0187 620419 from 9.00 to 12.30 am and from 4.00 to 8.00 pm.

Venice Architecture Biennale. The World of Architecture comes back in Venice

From Sunday 29th August, architecture will come back in the Serenissima – the city of Venice, for wondering us and showing new, innovative creations.

We are talking about the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, known also as the biennale, which will take place in Venice in the autumnal season until 21st November 2010.

The 12th International Architecture Exhibition will be held at Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Biennale (Giardini), at the Arsenale (preview August 26, 27 and 28, 2010) and in other venues of Venice historical center.

Such an event will be directed by the architect Kazuyo Sejima, the first woman who will direct the Architecture Biennale.

This year, the exhibition will be entitled People meet in architecture and 48 participants will take part in the competition: studios, architects, engineers and artists coming from all over the world. As usual, the Exhibition will present 53 National Participations to be held in the historical Pavilions in the Giardini.

The title of the Padiglione Italia is AILATI. Reflections from the future, organized by The Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities, with the PaBAAC – General Direction for the landscape, fine arts, architecture and contemporary art.

In addition, several side events are scheduled, organized by international institutions and companies that will set up exhibitions and initiatives in the several venues of the city of Venice.

As the director Sejima affirmed, the 12th Biennale will be a real reflection on architecture, analyzing the radical changes taking place in the twenty-first century and wondering if this kind of art can change representing the new values and modern styles of life.

Each participant will interpret personally the exhibition title by representing and expressing the interaction between environment and society, between man and landscape, a personal interpretation of the relations between man and architecture.

There are two projects scheduled for the exhibition of Venice Biennale 2010: “Architecture Saturdays” and “Destination Biennale di Venezia. Universities meet in architecture”.

The first one consists of a series of conversations and meetings held weekly with architects, critics and figures from the world of architecture in Italy and abroad, such as Vittorio Gregotti, Kurt W. Forster and Hans Hollein.

On the other hand, with the second project the Biennale wants to turn to universities and educational institutes, offering a visit to the Exhibition planned and organized by the institutions and representing a significant didactic and training experience.

In addition, we remind you that the inaugural and award ceremony of the 12th Exhibition will take place on Saturday, August 28th in the Giardini, with the awarding of the official awards assigned by the International Jury.

We wait for you in Venice for the 12th International Architecture Exhibition from August 29th until November 21st 2010.

For further information about the city of Venice please visit the website

Imperia hosts the 2nd edition of Filmcaravan 2010 – Festival of Short Movies

Are you a cinema addicted?

Well, here it is the perfect event for you, especially if you love short movies.

As a matter of fact, Filmcaravan 2010 comes back at its 2nd edition, the festival dedicated to international short movies. Several short movies coming from all around the world will take part in the competition and will be projected during the evenings from August 4th to 7th in the province of Imperia (Region of Liguria), a city located by the Ligurian Sea.

The Festival began just yesterday night in the municipality of Cervo, with the projections of: An Untitled Life (Burma, 2008), Annie de Francia (France, 2009), Underwear (USA, 2009), True beauty last night (USA, 2009), Glenn Owen Dodds (Australia 2009), Worth (USA, 2008), Leave not a cloud behind (France / Germany / Columbia, 2010).

Tonight, on Thursday 5th August, in the town of Diano Castello the following short movies are scheduled: Careful with that axe (New Zealand, 2007), Pixels (France, 2010), Geboren & Getogen (Holland, 2009), 24.6 (Belgium, 2008), September (Great Britain, 2008), Music in the blood (Romania, 2009), Procuration (France, 2008), Jitensha (USA / Japan, 2009), Love child (Sweden, 2009).

The interesting films will be projected in the town of Dolcedo on Friday 6th August: Meteorites (Thailand, 2008), Donde està Kim Basinger? (France, 2009), Blue Sofa (Italy, 2009), La carte (France, 2009), Ja Ja Nein Nein (Switzerland, 2009), Dor (Israeli, 2009).

Finally, during the evening of Saturday 7th August, at Villa Grock in Imperia,

Summertime in Rome is covered in Snow. Feast of Our Lady of the Snows

No, we’re not crazy. Each year, the snow comes back in Rome to pay homage to the traditional event in honor of Our Lady of the Snows, on 5th August.

For several years now, the city of Rome has been celebrating this ceremony at Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Saint Mary Major Basilica) and the folk custom consists of a rain of white petals falling down on the square in front of the basilica. This because, as the story goes, our Virgin Mary appeared in Pope Liberio’s dreams (352 a.C.) and showed him where he had to build a church, with a miraculous snowfall (although it was summer) on Esquilino (a historic district of Rome) in the night of August 5th 356 a.C.

The day after, the pope traced the perimeter of the church with the pastoral staff on the snow. Still today, the myth of the legend continues and every year, on 5th August this extraordinary event is celebrated with play of lights or a symbolic snowfall of white flowers.

In order to remember such a miraculous event, also this year, a rain of white petals will fall on the people who will gather in front of the Saint Mary Major Basilica in Rome, one of the