Imperia hosts the 2nd edition of Filmcaravan 2010 – Festival of Short Movies

Are you a cinema addicted?

Well, here it is the perfect event for you, especially if you love short movies.

As a matter of fact, Filmcaravan 2010 comes back at its 2nd edition, the festival dedicated to international short movies. Several short movies coming from all around the world will take part in the competition and will be projected during the evenings from August 4th to 7th in the province of Imperia (Region of Liguria), a city located by the Ligurian Sea.

The Festival began just yesterday night in the municipality of Cervo, with the projections of: An Untitled Life (Burma, 2008), Annie de Francia (France, 2009), Underwear (USA, 2009), True beauty last night (USA, 2009), Glenn Owen Dodds (Australia 2009), Worth (USA, 2008), Leave not a cloud behind (France / Germany / Columbia, 2010).

Tonight, on Thursday 5th August, in the town of Diano Castello the following short movies are scheduled: Careful with that axe (New Zealand, 2007), Pixels (France, 2010), Geboren & Getogen (Holland, 2009), 24.6 (Belgium, 2008), September (Great Britain, 2008), Music in the blood (Romania, 2009), Procuration (France, 2008), Jitensha (USA / Japan, 2009), Love child (Sweden, 2009).

The interesting films will be projected in the town of Dolcedo on Friday 6th August: Meteorites (Thailand, 2008), Donde està Kim Basinger? (France, 2009), Blue Sofa (Italy, 2009), La carte (France, 2009), Ja Ja Nein Nein (Switzerland, 2009), Dor (Israeli, 2009).

Finally, during the evening of Saturday 7th August, at Villa Grock in Imperia, the short movies awarded by Filmcaravan’s jury will be projected again, and subsequently, a full-length movie out of competition will be presented by the director Jacqueline Veuve: Un petit coin de paradis (Switzerland, 2008).

We remind you that in the first edition in 2009, Filmcaravan had a great success gathering more than 1500 spectators, with a very positive opinion by critics and audience.

Dear cinema and short movies addicts, you can’t miss such a fabulous event! The films on the agenda will wonder you with fun and emotions, under the starry nights of Imperia.

Enjoy! :-)

For further information about Imperia and the Region of Liguria, please visit the travel guide to Liguria,

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