Month: September 2010

The American dancer Isadora Duncan in a special Exhibition in Genoa

The Gallery of Modern Art in the town of Nervi (near Genoa, in the Region of Liguria) is placed in the 16th-century Villa Saluzzo and it preserves over 2,500 pieces of art: paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings which date back to the 19th century until contemporary age. Now it waits for you on the occasion of this great event.

As a matter of fact, the gallery hill host from September to December 2010 an exhibition dedicated to the beautiful dancer Isadora Duncan entitled Isadora Duncan in Italia, Un mito della danza sulle rive del Mediterraneo.

Such an exhibition will tell about the period Duncan stayed in Italy

Genoa presents the 50th International Boat Show

From 2nd to 10th October 2010, the internationally renowned Boat Show will come back in the city of Genoa (Liguria Region), with its 50th edition.

The city is getting ready for welcoming visitors in style, with many events and surprises scheduled.

The most important events of the programme 2010 are the following:

- on Sunday 3rd October, the evening will be dedicated to the exhibitors and guests of the event, with a concert of the Italian singer Gino Paoli which will take place on the terrace of the pavilion B placed in the waterfront and designed by Jean Nouvel.

- Genoa will also be present at the celebrations on the occasion of the Columbus Day in New York

Wine Town Firenze 2010: the 1st Intl. Fair dedicated to high-quality Wines

Florence, the heart of Renaissance, is also one of the nine world capitals of wine, and this year it will host the first edition of WineTown Firenze, an international fair of the highest quality wines, which will take place from 30th September to 3rd October 2010.

A great appointment with the best Italian and international wines for enjoying the flavors of traditions, territory, culture and life style that create such a magic potion called “wine”.

The event, promoted by the City of Florence and the Wine Town Committee,

Roma Europa Festival 2010: take a glimpse into the future!

A great appointment with the contemporary arts is coming back to Rome: the Roma Europa Festival 2010, an event entirely dedicated to music, dance, cinema and theater that this year is going to celebrate its 25th edition. As usual, in the works we’ll find many international artists, performances, surprises and emotions.

On Tuesday 21st September, the festival will be inaugurated with the Orphée of the Montalvo-Hervieu Company at the Auditorium della Conciliazione.

A real journey in the perspectives of the international artists and in the contemporary arts, where changes of our contemporary world will be put on the stage.

The event schedules 38 appointments, among which we find 20 national premieres

MITO 2010 – September rich in Music, between Milan and Turin

The 4th edition of the musical festival MITO is going to take place in Milan and Turin, as the
name suggests (MI+TO), in September.

MITO is not just the connection between such two important cities like Milan and Turin, but
a musical event that schedules over 200 concerts taking place in theatres, churches, villas,
streets and squares, from 3rd to 24th September in both cities.

The 4th edition planned a programme that meets many different musical styles: symphonic,
jazz, folk-rock, pop and ethnic music
. In other words, a programme apart, with different
styles and languages (music, cinema and theater).

In addition to Milan and Turin, the festival schedules concerts also in the following towns:
Brescia, Como, Monza, Lecco, Bricherasio, Magnano,