The Multicolored Rificolonas come back and enlighten Florence

A traditional and very ancient event of Florence has come back: the Feast of Rificolona!

The Feast of Rificolona is a traditional Florentine event that takes its origins before the 20th century and also this year it will take place in Florence on 6th and 7th September 2010.

The following events are scheduled:

September, Monday 6th:
Rificolona in Arno river. Parade – Papier mâché allegories on boats enlightened by paper lanterns and prize-giving for the most original rificolona.

September, Tuesday 7th:
From Santa Croce Square to SS. Annunziata Square there will be a procession led by the cardinal.

Such a special and original event represents the Florentine folklore and among the citizens the tradition continues, and every year they make these multicolored paper lanterns of different shapes and colors and bring them around the city hanging on a cane.

The event dates back to the years before the 20th century, when on every September 7th the farmers living in the surrounding area used to gather and walked with small colored-paper lanterns (the rificolonas) towards SS. Annunziata square, in the centre of the city, to pay homage to the Virgin Mary, and also to sell their hand-made products.

So, still nowadays, on 7th September in Florence people use to make these colored and original lanterns. The event is in the heart of Florence’s citizens and the colored lanterns are hanging at windows of the palaces, of houses and buildings and in the streets of the city.

So, don’t miss such a unique traditional event in Florence. An original moment of joy for citizens and visitors. An opportunity for visiting this wonderful city full of art and history.

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