White Night 2010 in Rome: events, concerts, culture

The craziest night in Italy full of emotions and fun is coming to Rome in the night between 19th and 20th September: the White Night in Rome comes back!

The appointment with the eternal city is just around the corner, and once again it will be totally enlightened showing people the facades of the most beautiful palaces, stately monuments and ancient streets and squares all night long, where thousands citizens and visitors will be looking for fun and crazy events.

Cultural events, initiatives, parties, concerts, museums, galleries and shops open until dawn. If you love the eternal city you can’t miss such a fabulous event! Rome and its large squares and spaces, its fountains, the beautiful gardens, the architecture and the overshadowing statues. Rome is a city to visit at least once in life, and I think this could be a perfect occasion.

The previous editions had a great success, especially among young people, and on this occasion, they will also enjoy non-stop availability of public transport.

Cultural and music events, exhibitions and museums to visit whenever you want. An interesting event conceived to promote the treasures of the city and a great opportunity for us to know them.

Imagine the Imperial Fora totally enlightened…or the stately Coliseum in front of you covered with many little lights; music, music everywhere in every corner of the city, and thousands people gathered in the clubs, cafes, pubs and in the streets doing shopping. That’s a not-to-be-missed event!!

So, are you ready for staying up late with friends in the Eternal City? Rome awaits you for its wonderful White Night between 19th and 20th September 2010.

For having more information about this and other events in Rome, please visit the online tourist guide to Rome: www.aboutroma.com, where you’ll find many useful tips about the many itineraries, museums and monuments.

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