MITO 2010 – September rich in Music, between Milan and Turin

The 4th edition of the musical festival MITO is going to take place in Milan and Turin, as the
name suggests (MI+TO), in September.

MITO is not just the connection between such two important cities like Milan and Turin, but
a musical event that schedules over 200 concerts taking place in theatres, churches, villas,
streets and squares, from 3rd to 24th September in both cities.

The 4th edition planned a programme that meets many different musical styles: symphonic,
jazz, folk-rock, pop and ethnic music
. In other words, a programme apart, with different
styles and languages (music, cinema and theater).

In addition to Milan and Turin, the festival schedules concerts also in the following towns:
Brescia, Como, Monza, Lecco, Bricherasio, Magnano, Rivoli, Venaria Reale, Moncalieri.

Many concerts will be dedicated to the great masters Chopin and Schumann, about 40
appointments in fact are scheduled with pianists coming from the Accademia Pianistica
Internazionale of Imola “Incontri col Maestro”.

A special attention was also dedicated to Turkey with the section “Focus Turchia”, which
will pay homage to this country with many film exhibitions, shows for children and concerts
of contemporary, rock and pop music, in order to make us know musical and cultural
Turkish traditions.

Once again, MITO wants to promote every kind of music and to encourage the interaction
between artists and audience, especially through initiatives like MITO Fringe and MITO
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Many great personages will be also present with concerts: Maurizio Pollini, Stefano Bollani
e Chick Corea, Lang Lang, Francesco Guccini and many more.

Turin and Milan wait for you from 3rd to 24th September 2010 with great music.

Further information about events in Turin and events in Milan are available on the useful
online tourist guides: e

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