Pisa Book Festival: an event in Pisa dedicated to Books

Here we go. Dear books-addicts, readers, emerging writers and skillful translators…the Pisa Book Festival is around the corner and is ready for welcoming thousands visitors once again. It will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi, whereas the Pisa Book Junior will be held at Stazione Leopolda from 22nd to 24th October 2010.

The 8th edition will present 156 different publishing houses. For three successive days, the city of Pisa will be the perfect stage for the promotion of independent publishers and for those books that usually you don’t find in the traditional bookshops.

The exhibition areas, located on the opposite Arno river banks, are linked by a little train in order to facilitate visitors in participating in events and  activities organized by such an event, such as seminaries, courses, writing workshops, etc.

This year Portugal is the guest country , the charming Mediterranean nation with a literature which arrives to far places such as Africa, South America and Extreme East. At the festival, there will be great writers such as  José Eduardo Agualusa, Valter Hugo Mae, Helder Macedo and Francisco José Viegas.

The Palazzo dei Congressi will host 125 stands of the most important independent publishers.

In addition, visitors will find two great rooms for conferences, two for presentations and a literary café for meetings with authors. On 3rd floor, there will be also an Area Business, with a creative writing workshop, a room for literary agents, the Center for Literary Translation and the press room.

Among the guests of this edition, we find: Vincenzo Cerami, Ugo Riccarelli, Valeria Palumbo, Gian Luca Favetto, Carlo D’Amicis, Alberto Patrucco, Roberto Innocenti, Michela Murgia and Marcia Theophilo, the poet nominated as a candidate for the Nobel prize.

Visitors will also find an e-biblio area, where books will be presented on new digital devices: (ipad, kindle and nook) and seminaries led by experts of the sector in order to satisfy both the updating needs of publishers, booksellers and the public’s curiosity.
Many seminaries for literary translation about the translation of carols and literature for children with Franco Nasi and many others.

And also this year, the PBF organized the interesting initiative called Green Book, a prize that will award the author who best contributed to the diffusion of love for plants and nature.

This and much more at Pisa Book Festival!

Further information are available on travel guide to Pisa: www.aboutpisa.info

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