50 Days dedicated to International Movies: a special event in Florence!

The fourth edition of “50 giorni di cinema internazionale a Firenze” is coming to Florence.
This is the greatest Italian exhibition of film festival organized by FST – Mediateca Toscana Film Commission in cooperation with Toscana Region, Provincia and the City of Florence.

As usual, the film festival will take place at the Odeon Cinema, the house of cinema in Florence, from October 21st to December 10th 2010.

Among the most expected events by the public, we find Italian Doc Screenings by Doc/it and Stati Generali of Documentario in Toscana: two appointments that will turn Tuscany into the land par excellence of documentary films.

In the works there are 7 international film festival, the N.I.C.E prize dedicated to the new emerging Italian cinema, a homage to the Florentine actor and director Corso Salani who has died before his time, and many others events and appointments with high quality cinema.

A journey all around the world through the vision of over 150 movies, which will lead spectators in the knowledge of foreign cinema with France Odeon, who will bring to Piazza Strozzi such important actors like Depardieu.

Visitors will be delighted by the melodies and sounds of far ethnic groups of the Festival del film etno-musicale, which this year shows the Mongolian songs of the singer Urna. There’s also the Festival dei Popoli, which will put on the big screen the social and environmental problems and will host Peter Mettler, director of documentaries such as Pertopolis.

In addition, visitors will find works created by contemporary artists, such as Basquiat. The gender differences with the Queer Festival; the cinema of new actresses coming from Argentina and Canada with the Festival di Cinema e Donne.

New Italian talents will be present thanks to the NICE prize and also the cinema from Denmark, Finland, Japan and obviously India, with the Florence Indian Film Festival.

This is just a small piece of the greatest film festival in Italy, which will take place from October 21st to December 10th at the Odeon Cinema in Florence.

In order to know more about other events in Florence, museums in Florence and useful tips about this city, please have a look at our Florence Tourist Guide: www.aboutflorence.com.

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