A Festival for paying homage to Documentary Films in Florence: Festival dei Popoli

From November 13th to 20th 2010, the International festival of documentary films called Festival dei Popoli comes back in the city of Florence.

Are you ready? On the works, movies about Jim Morrison, Bronzino, Lou Reed, Bin Laden, the Italian city of L’Aquila, Cuba.

Directors, movies, stories and docufilms from all lover the world will be for 8 days in the beautiful city of Florence, the nucleus of the Italian architectonic and artistic treasures.

The edition 2010 of the festival will take place at the Odeon Cinema and Spazio Uno from November 13th to 20th and it will present 73 documentary films, among which we find 12 world premieres, 5 international premieres, 1 European premier and 27 Italian premieres.

The festival will be open on Saturday 13th with “When you’re Strange” by Tom Dicillo, a documentary film about Jim Morrison, leader of the Doors. In addition, among the many documentary films scheduled, we find also “The Oath” by Laura Poitras (on Thursday 18th), where the protagonist, Bin Laden’s former bodyguard tells about the Al Qaeda’ chief, as nobody else have never told before.

There will be also a new section called Panorama Italiano, which will show a selection of six full-length movies of the best national production of the last year, each of them will participate in the Award given by the audience.

As usual, there will be a special focus on a director, and this edition it will be dedicated to the film-maker, photographer and multimedia artist Peter Mettler, with a retrospective and an exhibition of unpublished shots.

And now, the festival’s sections:

Official Selection: Feature Documentary Competition: a selection of sixteen unreleased films in Italy judged by a Jury of five members who will confer the following prizes: Best Film, Best Director and the “Gian Paolo Paoli” award for Best Ethno-anthropological Film.

Offical Selection: Short Doc Competition: a selection of sixteen unreleased films in Italy competing for Best Short Film, judged by an International Jury, and the Lorenzo de’ Medici Award judged by a student jury. The films will also compete for the audience award.

Official Selection: Free Style: a non-competitive selection of ten films that reflect the most original documentaries and pay close attention to contemporary themes. The films will also compete for the audience award.

Official Selection: Italian Panorama: six feature films that represent the best national films made in the last year. The Italian films included in the Official Selection will compete for the “Selezione CINEMA.DOC Firenze” Award, which guarantees future distribution in movie theaters around Rome. The films will also compete in the audience award.

Voices from an Inner Space. Swiss Documentary Cinema: Travelers, Militants and Visionaries: a retrospective of fourteen groundbreaking films in the fifty years of history and cinema in Swiss and all over the world.

Peter Mettler: Epiphanies and Revelations: a trip through the world and cinema of Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler, whose films capture the subtlest nuances in reality.

Notations (for the End of Time). Photo Exhibition by Peter Mettler: a selection of images reflecting Peter Mettler’s upcoming film, End of Time. With the collaboration of Florens 2010 and Museo Marino Marini.

Such special events wait for you at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, where finally, it is possible looking at the world from a different perspective and finding images, thoughts and words catapulted into the fancy dimension of cinema, which for years makes us dreaming and thinking.

For further information about events in Florence, please have a look at our tourist guide to Florence: www.aboutflorence.com

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