Madonna della Salute Festivity in Venice on November, 21st

As every year, on November 21st, Venice will celebrate Madonna della Salute festivity, a homage to the Virgin Mary.
This celebration evokes the terrifying epidemic plague that happened from 1629 to 1631 when German and French troops carried the plague from Mantua, in 1629.

Venetians, decided to build the Santa Maria della Salute basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary – who for various reasons was believed to be the protector of the Republic – to protect themselves from the plague. The project was given to the architect Baldassarre Longhena. Venice wanted a new majestic church which had to celebrate the Virgin Mary and the Serenissima. The Church was completed in 1681.

Nowadays, each 21st of November the festivity is celebrated. A temporary bridge of boats is built, that crosses the Grand Canal connecting San Moisè and Santa Maria del Giglio. Thousands of people cross the bridge each year to the main altar to thank and to ask the Virgin Mary to intercede for their health. The bridge will be open to the public from Friday November, 19th.

Around the basilica, visitors will find many stalls with sweets and balloons for children’s (and adults’) joy.

A perfect opportunity for visiting the striking city of love: Venice, and marveling at its cultural, artistic and architectonic treasures reflecting on an expanse of water.

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