Tuscan Celebrations on November, 30th

On Sunday 30th November, the Region of Tuscany will celebrate the anniversary of death penalty’s abolition.

Festa della Toscana (Tuscan Feast) is a traditional appointment which joins the participation of all citizens and the Region of Tuscany institutions.

The origins of this feast date back to a legislative bill, to be more precise, the Penal Reform promulgated on 30th November 1786 by Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine.

With this reform, Tuscany put an end to the capital punishment, and marked an important moment of civility which would have changed its history forever. Tuscany in fact, thanks to Leopoldina Reform, was the first sovereign state to officially abolish the death penalty, and for centuries in all municipalities of the region, people wanted to celebrate that day in memory of a significant chapter in civil rights’ history.

The goal of such a special initiative is to commemorate and celebrate a very important moment in modern history and also reflect upon the present and future of humankind.
The edition 2010 schedules many initiatives and it includes the children of the Tuscan schools, involving in this way many institutes of the region.

For the first time, also the city of Lucca will take part in the 11th edition of Festa della Toscana, and it will schedule many activities and events.

The Tuscan cities wait for you: Florence, Lucca, Arezzo…with many events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, sport competitions, performances and much more on the occasion of such a great event.

Well…what are you waiting for? On Tuesday 30th November come and visit one of the beautiful cities of Tuscany and celebrate this great historical celebration!

For further information about events in Florence, events in Versilia, the city of Lucca, Pisa, etc., please have a look at our tourist guides!

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