A Very Special Christmas in Liguria: Events, Nativity Scenes, Colored Lights…

The Region of Liguria still keeps on wondering: not only in summertime with its wonderful beaches and deep blue sea, but also in the coldest season of the year, it welcomes visitors with thousands colored lights and many Christmas events.

Yes, because spending your Christmas Holidays in Liguria has no price, both in a big city like Genoa or in a little seaside village like Manarola, in Cinque Terre.

Personally speaking, I come from Liguria and I’m a crazy fan of focaccia and pesto, and every year for me it’s a great pleasure to taste the typical Christmas cakes Pandoro e Panettone while marveling at the breathless scenery of the winter sea. Because Ligurian people can’t do without it! No, I’m not talking about focaccia, but sea!

And just for this reason, we also organize an original and charming nativity scene by the sea, which every year it takes place at Cinque Terre (in the province of La Spezia, Eastern coast), where the little village of Manarola creates this marvelous enchantment gathering thousands visitors.

From last 8th December, the biggest bright nativity scene in the world is come back for enlighten the characteristic village of Manarola, and it will be possible to admire it until 2nd February 2011. There are about 300 personages among angels, shepherds, peasants, fishers, the Magi built with poor materials, together with 15,000 light bulbs enlightening 4,000 sq.m. of sheer terraces.

For 34 years, Mario Andreoli, has been creating such a very difficult Guinness project, which was born from a promise to his old father and that today has become the symbol of a town, an emblem of peace and hope for thousands visitors who come from every corner of the world to admire this original Christmas postcard.

In addition, also this year the snow has come back in Liguria. If you were lucky, some days ago you had the chance to look at the wonderful landscape made up of sea and snow. White beaches, boats, piers and seaside villages covered with snow, which made Christmas atmosphere even more magic.

Well, Christmas in Liguria is unique in the world…you should try at least once in your life!

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