Hurry up, let’s go to the city! New Year’s coming!

After waiting for presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas lunches and dinners here it comes the end of year 2010 and everyone wants to start in a good mood, in a way or another.

Every year, lots of traditions are performed in Italy to ensure a happy and lucky new year: wearing red underwear, Ancient Romans’ symbol of blood and war used to exorcize fears, eating lentils, grapes or pomegranate to assure money as much as the number of grains you are able to eat, and, of course, shooting fireworks, originally coming from Ancient China where they used to shoot them to fear evil.

In recent years, besides private clubs and discos’ parties, New Year’s Eve belongs more and more to squares: thousands of people gather in the main Italian squares to watch free concerts and shows organized by local authorities and to drink something all together to the New Year. A funny and cheap way to discover a face of a city always hidden in nightclubs for the rest of the year-round.

Energy emitted by cheering, dancing, singing crowd impregnate everyone and will give you the additional discharge you need to face challenges new year has in store for you.

The city of Milan offers a lot of different choices for the ones who decide to spend New Year’s Eve there. If you want to party and not to spend a lot of money the usual music and fireworks show will take place in Parco del Sempione. For an unordinary New Year’s Eve dinner, the Italian Blind People Union organizes “Dialogue in the Dark”, a unique experience involving all senses.

The most crowded program surely belongs to Villaggio delle Meraviglie (Wondervillage) near Porta Venezia: dinner, kids entertainment, modern music orchestra from 10:00 p.m. accompanying djs Kris&Kris and Fiordaliso’s concert, midnight drink and Oda Brasil Brasilian dance group masquerade parade. Ice rink opened until 4:00 in the morning. Classic atmosphere in San Marco’s Church with “L’anima di Mozart” (Mozart’s soul) concert of master Simone Toni’s orchestra.

For elderly people, the Sport Center Iseo in Via Iseo will host Grandparents’ New Year’s Eveuntil 2:00 a.m. with live music, dinner and midnight toast paying nearly nothing.

The city of Turin will celebrate the beginning of the 150th year of Italian Unity with traditional fireworks’ show in Giardini Ginzburg situated in Corso Moncalieri; on a crane brought there for the event, there will be a big countdown display and light games and music, which will introduce spectators into the first 2011’s 20 minutes. If you’d prefer party all night long, in Piazza Vittorio Veneto pubs and discos will be open beyond midnight, while the ice rink placed between Via Plana and Via della Rocca will be open whole night.

And finally, last days available to buy New Year’s Eve over 60 party tickets taking place in the “Palasport” (indoor stadium) located in Parco Ruffini: if you wish to participate or gift a great longest night of the year just move on.

If you don’t want to drop the idea of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Venice lagoon you can join “Love 2011″, hold in Piazza San Marco from 10:00 p.m. till early morning, empowered with Radio Italia. At midnight, fireworks will be shot over San Marco’s basin and there will be a collective kiss under those lights with a drink of sparkling wine for everyone offered into recycled aluminum bottles. If you wish to keep on party, stay for the dj set staged for the occasion.

But Venice offers also a more refined Eve: Teatro della Fenice organizes cocktails, dinner and dances in the Foyer after New Year’s Eve classic concert.

In Rome, inspired by last year success, the big concert in Fori Imperiali comes back. This year Claudio Baglioni will perform in a free-maxi-concert accompanying the public until midnight, interrupting for the shoot of fireworks in Imperial Forums Street, and going on. The stage, differently from 2009 edition, would be installed shoulders to Venice Place, reachable from Via Cavour and from Via dei Fori Imperiali.

At Auditorium Parco della Musica, on the other hand, Antonello Venditti will play in a series of concerts until December, 31st. If you are interested in, you could watch Maurizio Palmulli’s 22nd dive into Tiber’s cold waters from Ponte Cavour in the 1st January morning at Midday to celebrate the beginning of 2011, a tradition in this part of Rome.

In Florence, traditional, free concerts in the main squares of the city are renewed this December, 31st. This year the sites concerning the New Year’s Eve event will be Piazza della Stazione, performing Elio e Le Storie Tese followed by Dj/Vj compilations, Piazza della Signoria, with the exhibition of master Lanzetta’s classic orchestra from 11:00 p.m., Piazza Santissima Annunziata, with a gospel concert from 10:30 p.m., Piazza della Repubblica, taking the stage funky and jazz bands, and Piazza Annigoni, with “Forever 70eventy”, dedicated to unforgettable 70′s rhythms. Don’t forget to visit Sant’Ambrogio Market with music performing all-night long and four bars serving non-stop codfish and fried fish.

Always in Tuscany, in Pisa three different live  shows will take place in three different places, a news in the city to prevent overcrowding: in Piazza dei Cavalieri from 7:00 pm Max Gazzè, Phl and Feed Your Head will alternate on stage; in Piazza Gambacorti from 10:00 pm alternative rock with Disamistade; same starting hour for Quattro e Tre Otto music show from 60′s till nowadays in Piazza Garibaldi; Piazza dei Cavalieri will host I Gatti Mezzi with their swing music.

At midnight everyone will go along Arno’s bank to attend a special fireworks edition display. If you’d rather stay in a covered and repaired place, Teatro Verdi will offer a dinner and a comic show by Paolino Ruffini and Il Nido Del Cuculo performing sketches in Livorno’s dialect.

As for the city of Siena, Irene Grandi, Paolo Belli & The Big Band and Giusy Ferreri will take their turn in the big concert on Piazza del Campo’s stage.

If you will be in Versilia and you don’t want to celebrate the New Year in one of the discos organizing the Eve, you can go to Lucca. In Piazza Napoleone, you will be able to skate on the ice rink all-night long and from 10:00 pm music, dancing, animation and drinks of sparkling wine in plastic glasses distributed near the stage.

As imposed by tradition, there will be a double toast: 18 minutes after midnight countdown, in fact, strikes Lucca’s Midnight, established by the historical sundial situated near Torre delle Ore in Via Fillungo. Taking the chance also the 11th edition prize of “Lucchese dell’anno” (Lucca’s citizen of the year) will be assigned.

Even Mugello can’t wait for celebrating the New Year. In Borgo San Lorenzo from 10:00 pm, a dj set will be held in Piazza del Popolo with dance music and more under a round top assembled for this event, while in Piazza Garibaldi will be offered tastings, mulled wine, sparkling wine and cocktails going together with live music. Even in Firenzuola leads music: dj set in Piazza Don S.Casini and fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

Ethnic atmospheres surround New Year’s Eve in Genoa: at Palazzo Ducale, following the mood of the exhibition “Africa delle meraviglie” (Wonder Africa) born “MoZuluart”, a musical show based on fusion of Mozart classical sonorities and African spirituality.

The night’s program includes aperitif, dinner, concert and Midnight toast, followed by dj set and open bar until 3:30 in the morning. Different flavor in Falcone e Borsellino creek with U-Boot performing 70′s music, while in Teatro Tenda a special circus show will be held within the international circus festival “Circumnavigando”.

Staying in the Region of Liguria, in Sanremo squares will be fill up with parties and music: in Piazza Bresca “Happy Start” with dj sets from 10:00 pm, in Piazza San Siro live music from 11:00 pm, and in Piazza Colombo Bagutti Italian Orchestra will play from 11:30 pm. At midnight striking go to the Porto Vecchio (the Old Harbor) to see a very suggestive firework display over the sea.

In Savona city there will be the 10th edition of  “Capodanno in darsena” (New Year’s Eve in dock) with square concert in Piazza d’Alaggio from 10:00 pm followed by fireworks switching on at midnight. For kids to Terminal crociere (cruises terminal) there will be organized Children New Year’s Eve.

Keeping on with children dedicated events, in Imperia in Largo Padre Crispino da Oneglia New Year’s Eve at the Fun Fair with inflatable games, baby dance and animation activities from 8:30 pm on.

Don’t forget about the city of La Spezia: you have a wide choice, from classic concerts to dj sets. Let’s start from Teatro Civico with Strauss Konzert Orchestra at 8:30 pm, then let’s move down the streets: Passeggiata Morin will be animated until 2:00 am, in Piazza Ramiro Ginocchio rockabilliy and 50′s boogie woogie will hold court from 10:30 pm on, in Piazza Garibaldi classic soul and funky music while in Piazza del Bastione under the circus big top always from 10:30 p.m. concerts playing until the dead of the night. Moreover, center bars will organize independent dj sets.

The important thing to highlight is that all cities will have modification in viability and city centers will be blocked already in early afternoon:  if you want to take part in square’s New Year’s Eve it would be necessary keeping an eye on it.

All we can do now is wish you all a bubbly, sparkling 2011!

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