The Kiss by Hayez on display in Italy: Trieste, Genoa, Palermo, Turin, Florence and Rome

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unity, The Kiss, the masterpiece by the Italian artist Francesco Hayez that since1861 made generations dream with its charming and romantic gesture of love, will be put on display in Italy.

A masterpiece for Italy, a country celebrating its unity and art in the cities that were involved in the liberation from Austria and in the creation of the national unity.

The artwork, created in 1861, soon became the symbol of love pains and still today is as famous as The Kiss by Klimt.

The version belonging to 1860 represents the achievement of the ideal unity. It is a proud homage to the newborn Italian Unity, represented by the colors of the Italian flag: the white veil of the woman, the green and red clothes of the man are the colors creating the Italian flag.

So, The Kiss will be put on display for retracing the most important moments of the Italian history between 1859 and 1861.

A striking, great tour will reach the Italian cities that were involved in the liberation from Austria and in the creation of the national unity.

The tour of The Kiss started in December 2009 at Catello di Miramare in Trieste. Since October, 2nd 2010, the painting is on display at Museo del Risorgimento in Genoa (in via Lomellini), in the ancient home of Giuseppe Mazzini. The artwork will stay in Genoa until January, 9th 2011.

Then, the picture will go to Palermo (Sicily) where visitors will marvel at the masterpiece at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Palermo, where on 27th May 1860  there was an insurrection and later it was hold a referendum on the annexation of the Regno delle due Sicilie to the Regno di Sardegna.

The Kiss will arrive in Turin for celebrating the constitution of the Reign of Italy and the exhibition could end just on March 17th, the day Turin was proclaimed capital of Italy.

Then, it will be Florence to host the fabulous picture, the second capital of Italy which had a great role in the creation of the Italian Unity’s history.

Finally, the touring exhibition will end in Rome, the current capital of Italy.

So, don’t miss the chance to marvel at such a wonderful masterpiece of art! The Kiss by Hayez will be in Italy until the half of 2011. Search for the closest Italian city where it is possible to find the famous picture!

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