Pisa, Palazzo Blu: Mediterranean myths through Joan Mirò’s eyes

The city of Pisa, after the great success of Chagall dedicated exhibition, came to host one of the 20th century illustrious names at Blu: Palazzo d’Arte e Cultura (Blu: Art and Culture Palace) with Joan Mirò works’ exposition until January, 23rd 2011 about Mediterranean myths reviewed in a surrealist key.

The display is based on combinations between poetry and sculptures, engraving pieces, color paintings, pictures, lithography works, with a union always meaningful to Mirò, and takes the visitor to discover work after work artist’s mood, places he took to his heart, great Mediterranean myths influencing and inspiring him over the years.

A precious walk stretching along mind and passions of the artist who lived in a period dominated by huge and terrible changes, as testified by paintings full of anguish realized during the Spanish Civil War shoulder to shoulder with Picasso.

The exhibition was organized in association with Barcelona Fundaciò Joan Mirò and is articulated with different thematic sections: you must have a look to the landscape matter dedicated one, because it hosts artworks rarely exposed to public view because of their brittleness.

For kids the show reserve “Mirò Mirando” (Contemplating Mirò), a teaching and creative laboratory on reservation for schools of different age range. The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without guided tours that are difficult to refuse if you’re not skilled on art and you don’t want to take the risk of losing salient points and curiosities about every art work exposed.

The entrance to the Palace reserved for the display needs a payment, with students, elderly people, minors, TouringCard holders, SocioCoop, Trenitalia and Giunti al Punto Card holders reductions. It is possible to buy tickets on presale, particularly suggested on week-ends, while the entrance for groups and schools and the guided tours attendance is allowed only with advance reservation.


From Tuesday to Friday: 10:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-20:00
Closed on Monday
Ticket office closes one hour before exhibition closing time
Further information about Pisa are available on About Pisa.

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