Venice, the Carnival take a run up ready to spread its wings

The 150th anniversary of Italian Unity worths special appointments: so, while all the main Italian cities prepare their own contribution to this event to make March an unforgettable month, Venice Carnival second-guess everyone for a week.

On the occasion of 150th, indeed, the city decided to extend its main festival making it two weeks longer and to regain themed Carnival tradition: this edition is entitled “Ottocento – da Senso a Sissi, la città delle donne” (Nineteenth century – from Senso to Sissi, women’s city), which is going to combine dresses and hairdos of 19th century with women’s celebrations.

Beyond national holiday, the inspiration came from the concurrence between Shrove Tuesday, conclusive day of the Carnival, and Women’s day, on March, 8th. Opulent dresses and elegant top hats will parade in Serenissima lanes for two entire weeks, showing themselves in all their glory and their refinement.

But how could you wait until the end of February?

Simple, you can enjoy the two days preview wanted by the city for this edition.

On February,19th and 20th, in fact, Venice will welcome the Carnival with two different dates in a pure Carnival’s style.

Saturday a frisky toast waits for Venice citizens and tourists in Piazzetta San Marco, from 19:00, with drinks and dances on Italian lyrical notes dedicated to celebrations.

Stay the next day to attend in the morning, from 10:00, to Venice Party with the aqueous parade slipping the anchor in Piazza San Marco to sail along Canal Grande up to Sestiere di Cannaregio where, on Rio de Cannaregio sides, the crowd will wait for the “Svolo della Pantegana” (Flight of the Mouse).

Here “Friole”, “Galani” and “Cicheti salati” will be offered to spectators by stands opening at the boats’ arrival.

Just wait for a week yet for the beginning of celebrations and for the Carnival to invade definitely the city, so don’t make the masks wait!

Further information about events in Venice are available on the online tourist guide to Venice, About

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