Month: February 2011

The art of furnishing: Furniture Exhibition in Florence

Would you like to adjust furnishings for your new home and you don’t have ideas?

Are you searching for a special piece of furniture making your living room special?

Would you like to give a modern twist to your rooms or simply to change the sofa, the table, the bed?

Or you’re just a fan of new furnishing trend?

For you all comes back in FlorenceSalone del Mobile (Furniture Exhibition) with its 14th edition that surely will satisfy every need you got in one of the main Italian furnishing exhibitions, from March, 5th to 13th.

The great number of new proposals exposed, the big brands and


150th birthday of Unified Italy: Rome, the capital of celebrations

The day is coming, fervish preparations are under way in all Italian cities: the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unity is just around the corner. We are talking about the 150th anniversary of Italian country under the unique crown of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia, happened on March, 17th 1861.

Rome, the capital, couldn’t be anything but the focus of attention, the beacon city leading celebrations of all others and catching the eye of the entire country and of the intarnational community.

The celebrations schedule is so tight and it seems to promise a huge national festivity, starting from the time the sun comes down, in the night between March, 16th and 17th with “Notte Bianca, Rossa e Verde” (White, Red and Green Night),

Florence, dance passion

Coming from the great success of previous editions, returns this year crispier than ever DanzaInFiera, the fair involving all kind of dance, from classical ballet to hip hop moves, from Latin-American to contemporary dance. Florence, once again, offers itself to host this international-reaching event in Fortezza Da Basso, the structure known all over Italy as base for many expositions and shows capturing every year thousands of visitors.

This year, the organizers of DIF forecast a greater stream of people, staking it all on free lessons, special guests, auditions, and the presence of a huge number of schools and academies with their own stands.

The fair will last 4 days full of exhibitions and lessons you surely

Venice Carnival 2011 is coming back

After the preview, a week later starts the logn awaited Carnival in Serenissima. A very packed schedule waits for the whole city and its visitors, a festive and coloured flooding, full of XIX century costumes and traditions taking your breath away.

As it was anticipate, for the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification the tradition of a Carnival theme was recoverder: this year theme is “Ottocento-da Senso a Sissi-the city of women”, chosen for the coincidence between Shrove Tuesday, that signs the end of celebrations, and Women’s Day, on March, 8th.

After a week-break from the preview


LATEST INCREDIBLE NEWS: according to Google, Berlusconi has never lost Elections… just like Bush and Sarkozy!

Google e le Elezioni: chi ha vinto?

Probably it was due to an oversight. Yesterday, a friend of mine (a famous Italian writer) pointed me out a bizarre fact on Google Translate. Win some, lose some: in the true sense of the word…

There are several kinds of mistakes, but this one seems to be a glaring one. If you try to translate (on this sentence from Italian to English “Berlusconi non ha vinto le elezioni”, here it is the result: “Berlusconi won the elections”. In other words, just the opposite.

Right…no wait, I wrote “NON HA VINTO!” (“HE DID NOT WIN!”). Strange… Let’s try again… Berlusconi non ha vinto le elezioniBerlusconi won the elections… What?

Very strange.

Let’s keep trying and change the name Berlusconi with Vendola… Vendola did not win the elections. Right.

Then, we could try with the name Obama: Obama did not win the elections. Right.
Oh, yes! Let’s try with Bush: Bush won the elections. What? Uhm…Are you making fun of me?

The last attempt. Now let’s try with another right-wing candidate in Europe: Sarkozy… Sarkozy won the elections. ?!?

Again? Is it Halloween? Trick or treat? No! So why Google is making fun of us? Nevertheless, I am sure and I can guarantee that in the past, Berlusconi and Bush lost some elections…

Searching on the net, we found out that Google’s mistakes relating to Berlusconi are frequent…In October 2010 if someone tried to translate from Italian to English “Io non ho votato Berlusconi”, the translation was just the opposite: “I have voted for Berlusconi”. At the time, it was said that it was the “automatic device’ fault”, but today, here we go again!

This fact reminds me these videos…

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

Florida Voting Machine

I raise a question: is Google’s automatic device part of Berlusconi’s property?