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Coming from the great success of previous editions, returns this year crispier than ever DanzaInFiera, the fair involving all kind of dance, from classical ballet to hip hop moves, from Latin-American to contemporary dance. Florence, once again, offers itself to host this international-reaching event in Fortezza Da Basso, the structure known all over Italy as base for many expositions and shows capturing every year thousands of visitors.

This year, the organizers of DIF forecast a greater stream of people, staking it all on free lessons, special guests, auditions, and the presence of a huge number of schools and academies with their own stands.

The fair will last 4 days full of exhibitions and lessons you surely won’t be happy to miss, both if you take the life on tip shoes or facing it with energy and determination on hip hop music rhythm.

Let’s start on Thursday, February, 24th in the morning, at 9 a.m. o’ clock, at Cinema Odeon in Florence, in Piazza Strozzi, where Giffoni Film Festival organizes a meeting dedicated to the relationship between cinema and dance for Florence middle schools’ students.

The official fair opening in Fortezza is scheduled at  3 p.m., starting straight with WDC (World Dance Council) World Professional Championship 2011 of Argentine dances (Argentine tango) and Caribbean dances (Cuban Salsa, Mambo-salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Hustle), going on with free lessons of contemporary dance, musical for kids, modern jazz, belly burlesque. One show and one exhibition of Christian dance will entertain the timid ones hesitating in entering the fray.

On Friday, 25th the appointments keep on going with free lessons: Contemporary dance, Jazz Broadway, Tiptap, Modern dance, Modern theatre, Hip hop, Khaliji, Pilates combined to dance, Christian dance and Indian dance, Tabla. Many exhibition will be held during the day, starting with “Mille e una notte in…Danza” (A thousand and one nights…dancing) at 14:00, while several auditions, castings and shows will hold dancers breath and excite spectators. If you’re interested you’ll surely find an appealing proposal among fee-paying stages presented during the day.

However, the main event on Friday would be the meeting with Kledi Kadiu, maybe the most famous dancer in Italy thanks to the large number of participations to TV programs and prestigious theatre and cinema performances.

Many events will be focused on Saturday and Sunday, no doubt leaving visitors a mark in their memory. Free lessons held by experts in different dance branches will be really sundry, from musical for children to classical ballet, going through pilates and yoga applied on dance.

Auditions will be as numerous as exhibitions. With regard on special guests, on Saturday DIF will host Giuseppe Picone, international étoile, and Lilou, one of the greater Bboy of the world. On Sunday, instead, there will be the possibility to meet Roberto Herrera to Academia Herrera Europa’s stand, where a show will be put on the scene as a free workshop about Tano and it’s history.

Everyday will be possible to join meetings with the boys coming from the TV talent show “Amici” and discover new expressions drawn by music and interpreted by dance.

A not-to-be-missed week-end to take life with wit and maybe even with the desire to learn few steps.


Thursday: from 15:00 to 21:00
Friday and Saturday: from 10:00 to 21:00
Sunday: from 10:00 to 20:00

The fair has a fee-payment entrance. Tickets are available on site in ticket offices. It’s possible to buy a ticket for the whole duration of the fair.

There’s free entrance for kids under 8 years and for disabled. or further information it’s possible to contact the DanzaInFirea organizational management by phone or by e-mail.


If you wish to join a free lesson verify on the official web site or on-the-spot if you need to carry with you particular objects and equipment and if it’s necessary to book.

For further information about other events in Florence, please have a look at our website About Florence.

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    The fair will have enough for dance lovers. Thanks for sharing the information.