150th birthday of Unified Italy: Rome, the capital of celebrations

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The day is coming, fervish preparations are under way in all Italian cities: the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unity is just around the corner. We are talking about the 150th anniversary of Italian country under the unique crown of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia, happened on March, 17th 1861.

Rome, the capital, couldn’t be anything but the focus of attention, the beacon city leading celebrations of all others and catching the eye of the entire country and of the intarnational community.

The celebrations schedule is so tight and it seems to promise a huge national festivity, starting from the time the sun comes down, in the night between March, 16th and 17th with “Notte Bianca, Rossa e Verde” (White, Red and Green Night), with celebrations in all the biggest cities.

In Rome, beyond all night long opened shops and museums, you could assist to Risorgimento and Unity themed readings held in Parco della Musica auditorium and in the museums themselves. The end of this event will let the real celebrations started, greeted by tricolour fireworks shot from Parco del Gianicolo.

Early in the morning on March, 17th, at 7 o’clock, in the whole Italian territory the Italian flag will be hoisted giving the salute to the country.

In Piazza Venezia, in front of Vittorio Emanuele dedicated monument, you can attend the opening cerimonial connected with the Turin one by a TV link with the presence of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.
Then, in Pantheon, kings’ shrine and burial place of the first king of Italy, there will be a celebration in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia.

Later, moving in Montecitorio hall, the President himself will make an address to the Nation and to the Parliament face to the two Chambers assembled in extraordinary session and to the highest posts of the State, as it happened in 1961 for the centenarian of the Unification. Following a breakfast with international State Chiefs. Moreover, for the whole day Ministries will be opened to the public.

Putting into effect the project “M800″, widespread among Italian territory, not only in Rome, for the safeguard of place, facts and people memory, a lot of explanatory and commemorative plates qill be applied next to statues, monuments and squares salient facts theater in Italian Risorgimento.

The center of the entire feast day will surely be Parco del Gianicolo: 150 symbolic shots will be let off the cannon kept in the park.

Following the project about the construction of a complete “Parco degli Eroi” (Heroes Park) on time for the celebrations, at Gianicolo many renovation and improvement works have been brought on. The restauration of herms and Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi’s statues, the reset of Ossario dei caduti di Colle del Pino (The Colle del Pino fallen Charnel House) are only few interventions of the ones did.

The main event will be the opening of a new museum dedicated to Repubblica Romana (Roman Republic) of 1849 near Porta San Pancrazio and the setting of a great steel plate engraved with the 69 articles of Roman Constitution that, with its clear and simple articles, represented an essential guide for the draft of the Italian Constitution of 1948.

Keep talking about inaugurations, many shows will be opened in the Capital, both temporary and permanent.
In Archivio Centrale di Stato, until November, 11th, the exhibition “La macchina dello Stato” (The State Machine) will be opened, focused on the large State organization and on men that influenced its functioning, with a wide use of audiovisual material.

At Vittoriano, in Sacrario delle Bandiere, will be inaugurated the permanent exhibition on Risorgimento battles entitled Le battaglie per l’Italia. Plastici delle principali battaglie del Risorgimento (Battles for Italy. Model of the main battles of Risorgimento), exposing realistic models of the struggles leading to the Unity, and “Alle radici dell’identità nazionale” (The roots of National identity) dedicated to the analysis of the culture of Italian identity before the Unity until recent times.

In Palazzo delle Esposizioni, with the Banca d’Italia patronage, will be opened the exhibition La moneta dell’Italia unita: dalla lira all’euro (The United Italy currency: from Lira to Euro) illustrating the role of the currency in the social life of Italian people; you will be able to visit it until November.

At 19:00, in Piazza del Popolo, the release of white doves will sign the end of the celebrations held in squares and it will be followed by a light music concert.

In the evening, at 21:00, in Teatro dell’Opera, the master Riccardo Muti will direct “Nabucco”, the Verdi’s third opera considered to be the most Risorgimental one by the spectator from the very first mise-en-scene, in 1842, because they imagined themselves as the Jewish people dominated by Babylonians.

This way the National holiday will end, but not the event organized in honour of the 150th of Unity. Many cities, in facts, wait to show what they prepared for 2011, such an important year for Italian history that deserves to be remembered.

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