Month: March 2011

Torino: Darbar, Oriental taste for a music festival

The Museum of Oriental Arts (MAO) in Turin often organizes exhibitions in order to show at best the unknown and charming traits of the countries which have always been defined as Oriental.

This spring, it will put on display what is difficult to put as a show: music.

Until April, 21st, a series of themed meetings will crowd the exhibitions’ agenda of the Museum: a series of traditional and popular music concerts, untouched by modern influences, from many Asian countries will go shoulder by shoulder with movies and documentaries, most of all never published, and meetings with musicians and musicologists to make the universe in which those melodies developed and

Enjoy your Breakfast in front of Florence Cathedral

What would be to wake up and take a coffee in front of one of the most attractive monuments in Florence?

We of the blog About Italy News Blog decided to discover it and called Giorgio from Residenza Giotto, a B&B that is placed exactly in front of Florence Cathedral – see photo alongside.

So, he invited us having a coffee in this wonderful scenery and… wow… we were really impressed by such a charming b&b! The view was amazing, it lets you breathless.

Here, you will have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of Florence Cathedral, which is just a few steps away from you and, in the meantime, to sip your cup of tea or, if you prefer, your cup of coffee.

At Residenza Giotto, customers will find a pleasant

Pisa Expo, sustainable development

The yearly appointment with Expo-Pisa comes back with its commitment for economic recovery and sustainable development in this 23rd edition in collaboration with Aghape, a marketing company dealing with the combination of ethics and cultural diffusion with a brand new business model that points to avoid damaging the natural resources quite limited.

The new pavilion dedicated to the eco-friendly building will be open and named Bio & Energy – Ecotechnica 2011.

Many conventions are organized in Expo days, didactic events to which people interested could attend: let’s start on March, 28th with the workshop on training of manager Procedure,


Senzatomica: an exhibition for the nuclear weapons abolition. In Florence.

La mostra Senzatomica rappresenta la tappa italiana della campagna internazionale per l'abolizione delle armi nuclearSenzatomica exhibition represents the Italian stage of an international campaign for nuclear weapons abolition, that promotes the adoption of an International Convention on Nuclear Weapons to be submitted to UN by 2015.

Senzatomica will take place in Florence – at “Le Pagliere”, Viale Machiavelli, 24 – from Saturday March 26th, until April 16th, from 9am to 20pm (Friday and Saturday closing at 11pm).

Chocolate and culture: this is the Italian March

Spring has just arrived, temperature is rising and Italy is celebrating its 150 years of Unity. What better way to celebrate than tasting delicious chocolate and having a walk along the feasting streets discovering places ever visited but few kilometers or maybe meters far from our hotel?

In Turin, CioccolaTò has come back: the  famous chocolate fair, this year a cut above. The city, center of celebrations for 150th of Italian Unity together with Rome, throws a double charge of events dedicated to Gods’ Food, a gourmand and funny occasion both for tourists and for the ones well-knowing Turin.

Turin XIX century cafés with a great historical importance played a first line role in the spread of chocolate all along the Region and the country and they contribute in building Made in Italy chocolate tradition. That’s the reason why the event will involve not only the historical center fo Turin, but also