Clark Art Institute Collection and MilanoCard: art near at hand

On March, 2nd, Sterling and Francine Clark Institute Collection will arrive in Milan, at Palazzo Reale, from America, travelling all around the world.

Thanks to a special agreement between city government and the Institute, Milan will have the honor to be the first one to host 73 artworks by famous French artists strongly contributed to Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism development in 19th century.

The show will be organized with 10 sections dividing it in as many thematic strands, from Light to Nature, from Travel to Society.

Studies on light and new reality reproducion of great masters as Monet, Renoir, Degas, Manet are clearly visible on paintings exposed: patches of bright colors composing an horizon at sunset, a small lake water rippled by gooses’ passage, cloudy skies and colored flowers.

A display unique in its kind that will leave the city on June, 19th of this year and that really deserve to be visited before it sets sail from the Italian coasts heading somewhere else, in another corner of the world.

There’s a better occasion to leave for Milan, International chief town for art, fashion, history and shopping?

To enjoy fully the trip I recommend you to buy MilanoCard, the city service card, that allows you to enter museums, displays and shows, but also to eat, participate in guided tours and get on City Sightseeing Bus for a lower price for a whole day or 72 hours, depending on the option you choose.

Moreover, if you take the advantage of the card you can also have free trips on public transports and receive on your smartphone the MilanoCard official guide. For further information and to buy the card just go to

Follow my advice, don’t miss this unique occasion, Milan and Impressionist art waits for you all!

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