Saint Joseph Fair: La Spezia on party

The traditional, yearly festivity involving the whole city of La Spezia is coming back for 3 special days dedicated to joy, good food and dads.

Yes, dads, because on March,19th, besides being the fair starting day, it’s also the only day in Italy dedicated to celebrations in honor of all dads, remembering Saint Joseph, Jesus’ putative father.

Saint Joseph’s Fair was organized the first time in 1565 and it was designed to live and give back importance to commercial and producing activities in La Spezia area: people decided to let it start during the feast of the patron protector of the city and since then, it became a special event for all the calendars of the area.

More than 600 stalls and stands coming from many Italian Regions next to local sellers will crowd the Passeggiata Morin promenade, public gardens and Piazza Europa until March, 22nd, through every kind of handcrafted object and delicatessen as brigidini (small friable waffles made up of eggs, sugar, flour and anise), candied apples and porchetta (a whole emptied pork filled with herbs and cooked in oven).

If you reach the city for the Fair, you can’t leave it without a look at the old town center with its monuments and the Gulf of Poets surrounded with rolling hills.

And if you want to visit the city in an unusual way you can venture with a horse ride offered to visitors.

You don’t have nothing to do but go in this city that made its district and its sea a National Park. And you won’t be disappointed.

Any further information about the city of La Spezia, is available on About Liguria website.

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