Wine and Food in Florence with Taste 6, the Fair presenting the typical Italian products

Florence celebrates Italian cookery and flavor with the brand new edition of “Taste. In viaggio con le diversità del gusto” (Taste. Traveling with taste diversities), the wine and food fair at Stazione Leopolda, the salon of taste and new proposals for the way of living food.

From March, 12th to 14th you could walk along taste streets let yourself be achieved by innovations and food & wine tradition of our country.

The experiment involving all senses is organized into different expositive areas: first of all Taste Tour, a real tasting and discovery path going through the range of savory and unusual experiences Italy offers, from olive taggiasche jam to pecorino cheese with saffron, from tuna bresaola to salami Chianti flavoured, counting even the transition from Risto-Taste, the salon restaurant, this year realized in collaboration with Italesse and Luca Nichetto; then we move to Taste Tools, the area signed by Riccardo barthel (interior design mark of Florence) where there are exposed cookwares, professional work wear and kitchen design.

Taste Shop is the area assigned to the sale of products you can taste along the Tour; for taste fans there is also Taste Ring, the discussion area joined by experts on current issues about food, this year dedicated to wine with “Grandi Vecchi del Vino” (Great Old of Wine), with the tells about wines which made the Italian history, and “Pane al Pane” with Knights of Italian Cookery facing the bread and yeasts theme in Italy, between ethic and handcrafting; lastly Taste Press, where you could find reviews dedicated to gastronomy and wine.

This 2011 even sees the participation of the Ministry of Agricolture, Food and Forestry with its own institutional informative desk.

As it happened in every past edition, even this one has a schedule filled up with meetings and events dedicated to gastronomy and many contest prizes will be assigned.

“King of Catering” will see the challenge between societies of catering and banqueting to conquer the prize assigned on March, 12th in front of a prestigious jury, while experts in Genoa Pesto preparation will compete in “Genoa Pesto World Championship”, the World Championship of Pesto in a mortar, for the second time hosted by Flavour Fair of Florence.

The participation of newspapers will be fundamental. Movie Food, the project of D La Repubblica for Taste, will expose photographies and images dedicated to “People, places, ingredients, colors, gestures and portraits. A new way to share food”, Io donna will celebrate 150th year of Italian Unity with a tribute to the four starters that represent the most the “Bel Paese” with recipes and photos. Guido Tommasi Editore will present a series of refined cooking books at “Mercato di carta” (Paper market), Corriere della Sera will contribute the event with a special photo display illustrating the effects of increasing prices of food in the world.

The involvement for Taste 6 of the city of Florence will really be complete; in facts, in Fair week, in all restaurants and pubs joining the initiative “FuoriDiTaste” there will be themed dinners and food and wine tastings, unique occasions to enjoy specialties and discover new flavours; dates and list of joining places are available on the official web site of Taste.

So, a Taste 6 for a tasty Florence!

For further information about other events in Florence, please have a look at the travel guide to Florence, About Florence.

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